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High culture (n)a set of cultural products mainly in arts and held in the highest esteem by a cultureHip (adj)modern and fashionableIllusion (n)a false or wrong beliefImagination (n)the ability to think of clever and original ideasManga (n)a Japanese style comic book, typically intended for adultsMelting pot (n)a situation in which many types of people or ideas exist togetherPaparazzi (n)photographers who take pictures of celebrities for publicationPopularity (n)a situation in which someone or something is popularReality (n)the state of being realShock value (n)the qualities that make something shockingSoap opera (n)a drama typically performed as a serial on daytime televisionSocial networking (n)communication with people using a website or other service on the InternetSub-culture (n)a group of people whose beliefs and ways of behaving make them different from the rest of societyTabloid (n)a newspaper with fairly small pages mostly containing stories about famous people and not much serious newsTalk show (n)a television programme in which a host discusses a topic with guests in an informal wayTrendy (adj)following the latest trends or fashionsUnconscious (adj)not conscious, without awarenessVirtual reality (n)images and sounds that are produced by a computer to make the user feel that he/she is in another realityNever crossed my mind (idiom)never think about it, e.g., It never crossed my mind that Larry might have been right about reading manga.Put your mind at rest (idiom)to stop someone from worrying, e.g., Tell me what your problem is and let me put your mind at rest.Bore the pants off someone (idiom)to make someone feel very bored, e.g., Reality TV shows bore the pants off me.Make it big (idiom)to be successful, e.g., Not many people can make it big in Hollywood.Hot on something (idiom)to be really interested in something, e.g., Susan is really hot on Hello Kitty.Gadgets (n)Small tools or pieces of equipment that do something usefulSquander (n)Not using money, time or opportunity in a sensible wayNetwork (n)To meet people who might be useful to know, especially in your jobMainstream (n)Having ideas or beliefs that are accepted by most peopleEmbrace (n)To accept something enthusiasticallyHoroscope (n)A description of future events in a person's life based on astrologyan easy read (n)輕鬆讀物be engrossed/absorbed in a book全神貫注地閱讀bedtime reading (n)睡前閱讀can't put the book down對(一本書)愛不釋手compulsive reading (n)必讀書目flick/skim through a book翻揭/略讀一本書leisure reading (n)休閒閱讀blog (weblog) (n)個人網誌blogger (n)網誌的作者blogroll (n)網誌串連(推薦網誌列表)egosurfing (n)自我漫遊(在網絡中尋找自己的名字)FAQ (frequently asked question) (n)常見問題flamer (n)在網上聊天室留下不友善留言的人gamer (n)愛玩電腦遊戲及電動遊戲的人hacker (n)駭客(black-hat) hacking (n)擅自侵入網站、他人的電腦instant messenger (n)即時通訊軟件keypal (n)網上筆友(以電郵為通訊工具)moblogging (mobile blogging) (n)以電話及其他流動上網裝置上載網誌net friend (n)網上朋友newbie (n)聊天室新成員,電腦遊戲新玩家nickname (n)網名(聊天室上用的花名)phish (v)網路釣魚(駭客利用假網頁犯案)phreak (v)非法入侵電話網絡以使用免費(長途)電話podcast (n)網播5G (n)第五代流動通訊技術bluetooth (n)藍牙bluetooth dongle (n)藍牙傳輸器broadband access (n)寬頻接入computer maintenance service (n)電腦維修保養服務digital camera (n)數碼相機download (v)下載email (n)電子郵件Facebook (n)可結交朋友,分享相片等的一個多用途網站Google Maps (n)Google地圖iPhone (n)一款結合照相裝置、媒體播放器、無線通訊裝置的流動電話iPod (n)一款便攜式數碼多媒體播放器laptop (computer) (n)手提電腦mobile phone (n)流動電話MP3 player (n)MP3播放器netbook (n)迷你手提電腦online chatting (n)線上閒談smartphone (n)智能電話tablet (computer) (n)平板電腦upload (v)上載video game console (n)電子遊戲機VR headset (n)虛擬實境穿戴裝置Wi-Fi (n)無線網路通訊Wikipedia (n)維基百科 (網上百科全書, 任何人均可參與編寫內容)World Wide Web (www) (n)萬維網,互聯網YouTube (n)一個讓使用者觀看及分享短片的網站adventure/action (n)動作片comedy (n)喜劇dark comedy (n)黑色喜劇horror (n)恐怖片romance (n)愛情片romantic comedy (n)浪漫喜劇片science fiction (n)科幻片thriller/suspense (n)驚慄/懸疑片art director (n)美術指導assistant director (n)副導演choreographer (n)舞蹈指導director (n)導演director of photography (n)攝影指導dolly (n)移動式攝影車dolly track (n)攝影車軌dressing room (n)更衣室fan (n)影迷fight choreographer (n)武術指導film/movie star (n)影星film/movie/television studio (n)電影製片廠/電視錄製室gaffer/head electrician (n)照明電工grip (n)場務hairstylist (n)髮型師make-up artist (n)化妝師make-up room (n)化妝間mirror (n)private dressing room (n)私人更衣室reflector (n)反光板sound designer (n)音效設計師stalker (n)跟蹤偶像的狂迷still photographer (n)劇照攝影師stuntman/stuntwoman (n)替身演員(特技及危險動作)wardrobe room (n)服裝間accent (n)口音,腔調city tour (n)城市遊覽communication problem (n)溝通問題cross-cultural understanding (n)跨文化認識cultural difference (n)文化差異cultural diversity (n)文化多樣性culture shock (n)文化衝擊cultural visit (n)文化參觀,文化之旅excursion (n)短途旅行eye-opening experience (n)擴闊眼界的體驗foreigner (n)外國人sightseeing (n)觀光social habit (n)社會習慣