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Alliteration (n)
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Rhyme (n)the matching of final vowel or consonant sounds in two or more wordsStanza (n)also called 'verse'; a unit within a poemSymbol (n)an object or action in a poem that represents something elseSynonym (n)a word that has the same or nearly the same meaning as another wordTone (n)the implied attitude of a writer toward the subject and charactersBeat (n)the regular pattern of sounds in a piece of musicBridge (n)the bridge has a different melody, lyrics and chord progression from the verse or the chorusChord (n)two or more musical notes played togetherChorus (n)the part of a song that does not change and is repeated several timesFolk song (n)a traditional song from a particular region or communityHip hop (n)a type of music developed among African-American musicians using rapHymn (n)a religious song that people sing in churchesLyrics (n)the words of a songMelody (n)a tune or a songOffensive lyrics (n)lyrics that are unpleasant or insultingRhythm (n)a regular pattern of sounds in a piece of musicRhythm and blues (R & B) (n)a type of popular music that African-American musicians developed from blues and jazzScore (n)a written copy of musicSongwriter (n)someone who writes songsVerse (n)a unit within a songTo strike a chord with somebody (idiom)to produce an emotion such as sympathy in someone, e.g., The song strikes a chord with the audience.Melt away (phrasal v)to disappear gradually, e.g., His anger melted away when he heard this song.See the light (idiom)to suddenly understand or realise something, e.g., He finally saw the light and quit his job.A bum rap (idiom)an unfair punishment or blame for something, e.g., That's a bum rap for John. He didn't do it.To sing someone's praises (idiom)to talk about how good someone or something is, e.g., Your mother always sings your praises.Jingle (n)A short phrase usually with music that is easy to remember; it is usually used for advertising something on the radio or TVTempo (n)The speed at which music is played or sungMusical (n)A play or film in which there are a lot of songsSelf-expression (n)Ways of expressing your feelings and ideasHaiku (n)A short poem written in traditional Japanese styleLimerick (n)A short, usually funny poem with a fixed form of five linesBallad (n)A song or a poem that tells a storyExpert (n)someone who has a particular skill or knows a lot about a particular subject, e.g., I am no expert in poetry.In someone's shoes (idiom)in the situation that someone else is in, e.g., I try to put myself in your shoes.Appeal to (idiom)when something appeals to you, you like it, e.g., The poem should appeal to junior form students.Touch someone's heart (idiom)to affect someone's emotions, e.g., The song touches my heart.Impress (v)to cause someone to admire someone or something very much, e.g., I am impressed by your creativity.acrostic poem (n)離合詩alliteration (n)頭韻assonance (n)準押韻,半諧音critique (n)評論figurative language (n)比喻性、象徵性的用詞imagery (n)意象irony (n)諷刺line break (n)分行literal meaning (n)照字面的解釋,原義message (n)訊息metaphor (n)隱喻metre (n)韻律,格律narrator (n)敘述者nursery rhyme (n)童謠,兒歌韻文onomatopoeia (n)擬聲詞persona (n)角色,人物personification (n)擬人化poet (n)詩人poetic (adj)富有詩意的repetition (n)重複rhyme (n)押韻rhyme scheme (n)押韻系統simile (n)明喻sonnet (n)十四行詩stanza/verse (n)詩節,詩句stress (n)重音symbol (n)象徵theme (n)主題gently (adv)輕柔地prick (v)刺痛,刺傷prickly (adj)刺痛的rough (adj)粗糙的,表面不平的shiver (v)發抖,打顫shock (n)/(v)震驚smooth (adj)平滑的,光滑的,平坦的soft (adj)柔軟的tightly (adv)緊緊地,堅固地,牢固地tingle (v)感到刺痛powerfully (adv)強烈地pungent (adj)有刺激性的,辣的smell (n)/(v)氣味/嗅,聞smelly (adj)有使人難受的氣味的,臭的sniff (n)/(v)氣味/嗅,聞strong (adj)強烈的sweetly (adv)芳香地bitter (adj)苦的lick (v)舔,舐salty (adj)鹹的sour (adj)酸的sweet (adj)甜的taste (n)/(v)味道/嚐,辨(味)