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Amateur (n)
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Event (n)one of the races or competitions which is part of a large sports competitionFan (n)someone who likes a particular sportsperson or sports teamFinal (n)the last game or race in a competitionFoul (n)something that you do in a game or a sport that is not allowed by the rulesGoal (n)a point you score by putting a ball into a goalHooligan (n)someone who is noisy or violent in public placesInstant replay / Action replay (n)an important moment in a sports game that is repeated, often more slowly, on TVLeague (n)a group of teams or players who regularly compete against one another to see which team is bestOffside (adj)in a position ahead of the ball, e.g., in football, hockey or rugbyOpponent (n)someone who is competing against youPenalty (n)a punishment for breaking a rule of a gamePitch (n)a ground for playing sports on, e.g., a football/cricket/rugby pitchRecord (n)the best achievement that has ever been reached in a particular sportReferee (n)somebody whose duty is to make sure that the players in a game obey the rulesRival (n)a person or a team that competes with anotherSpectator (n)somebody who watches an event or a sports activitySpectator sport (n)a sport that people go and watchSports gear (n)sports clothes and equipmentSportsmanship (n)fair and honest behaviour in sportSportswear (n)clothes for playing sportsStand (n)a building where people stand or sit to watch a game at a sports groundSubstitute (n)a player who replaces another member of his/her team during a matchTeammate (n)someone who is on the same team as youTournament (n)a series of games in which the winner of each game plays in the next game until there is one player leftTrophy (n)a large silver cup given as a prize to the winner of a competitionUmpire (n)somebody whose job is to make sure that the players obey the rules in some sports, e.g., tennis, baseballVictory (n)the fact of winning a competitionDrop the ball (idiom)to fail to do something that you are responsible for doing, e.g., John was supposed to close the sales but he dropped the ball.A whole new ball game (idiom)a situation that is completely different, e.g., I am working in a bank now, which is a whole new ball game for me.Neck and neck (idiom)to be in a close race, e.g., Team A was running neck and neck with Team B in this game.A level playing field (idiom)a situation that is fair to everyone, e.g., The market is a level playing field for all companies.Below par (idiom)lower than the usual standard, e.g., Tom's performance was below par today.Defeat (v)To win a victory over someone in a competitionDoping (n)The practice of using drugs to improve performance in a sportExtreme sports (n)Sports that are very exciting or dangerousFinalist (n)One of the teams that reaches the final game in a competitionMatch fixing (n)Arranging games dishonestlyOutplay (n)To play a game more cleverly and successfully than another teamPersonal best (n)The fastest time that a sportsperson has ever achievedPitch (n)A marked out area of ground on which a sport is playedair sports (n)空中運動combat sports (n)格鬥運動competition sports (n)競賽運動dangerous sports (n)危險運動endurance sports (n)耐力運動individual sports (n)個人運動leisure/recreational sports (n)休閒運動motor sports (n)賽車運動nautical sports (n)航海運動racket sports/ball games (n)球類運動strength sports (n)體力運動team sports (n)團體運動triathlon (n)三項鐵人賽winter sports (n)冬季運動discus throw (n)擲鐵餅hammer throw (n)擲鏈球high jump (n)跳高hurdle (n)跨欄javelin throw (n)擲標槍long distance race (n)長跑long jump (n)跳遠pole vault (n)持竿跳race walking (n)競步跑relay (n)接力賽shot put (n)推鉛球sprint (n)短跑standing high jump (n)立定跳高standing long jump (n)立定跳遠standing triple jump (n)立定三級跳steeplechase (n)越野障礙賽跑triple jump (n)三級跳遠American football (n)美式足球auto racing (n)賽車baseball (n)棒球basketball (n)籃球billiards/snooker (n)桌球bowling (n)保齡球cricket (n)板球football (n)足球golf (n)高爾夫球rugby (n)欖球squash (n)壁球tennis (n)網球volleyball (n)排球wrestling (n)摔角body boarding (n)徒手衝浪canoeing (n)划獨木舟kite surfing (n)風箏衝浪rafting (n)划筏snorkelling (n)浮潛surfing (n)衝浪wakeboarding (n)花式滑水waterskiing (n)滑水windsurfing (n)風帆bungee jumping (n)笨豬跳hang gliding (n)懸掛式滑翔ice climbing (n)冰攀mountaineering (n)登山rock climbing (n)攀石scuba diving (n)戴水肺的潛水skydiving (n)跳傘freestyle BMX (n)自由式越野單車motocross (n)電單車越野障礙賽rallying (n)汽車拉力賽skateboarding (n)滑板skysurfing (n)空中沖浪snowmobiling (n)雪上機車street luge (n)街頭平底雪橇supermoto (n)滑胎車superpipe (n)U 形管滑雪aquatics (n)水上運動diving (n)跳水swimming (n)游泳synchronized swimming (n)韻律泳water polo (n)水球gymnastics (n)體操artistic (n)藝術體操rhythmic (n)韻律體操trampolining (n)彈床項目triathlon (n)三項鐵人cycling (n)單車running (n)賽跑swimming (n)游泳archery (n)射箭badminton (n)羽毛球boxing (n)拳擊equestrian (n)馬術fencing (n)劍擊field hockey (n)陸上曲棍球flatwater canoeing (n)靜水皮划艇handball (n)手球judo (n)柔道marathon (n)馬拉松賽跑rowing (n)賽艇sailing (n)帆船比賽shooting (n)射擊slalom canoeing (n)激流皮划艇softball (n)壘球table tennis (n)乒乓球taekwondo (n)跆拳道weightlifting (n)舉重alpine skiing (n)高山滑雪bobsleigh (n)雪橇cross-country skiing (n)越野滑雪figure skating (n)花式溜冰freestyle skiing (n)自由式滑雪ice hockey (n)冰上曲棍球luge (n)競賽用的仰卧滑行小雪橇skeleton (n)俯式冰橇ski jumping (n)跳台滑雪speed skating (n)速度滑冰backhand/ forehand stroke反手/正手擊球catch (a ball)接 (球)dive (in a pool)跳 (入池中)glide (in the air)(在空中) 滑翔hit (a ball)擊球kick (a ball)踢 (球)lift (weights)舉 (重)lunge (across a distance)衝 (過一段距離)pass (a ball)傳 (球)return (a tennis serve)回 (網球的發球)ride (the horse/the waves)騎馬/乘浪serve (the ball)發 (球)ski (down a slope)滑 (下斜坡)speed (down a hill)急衝 (下山)spin (in mid-air)(在空中) 旋轉sprint (down the track)(賽道上) 衝刺throw (a javelin)擲 (標槍)wrestle (an opponent)與 (對手) 摔角amateur (n)業餘運動者athlete (n)運動員backboard (n)籃球板balance beam (n)平衡木banner (n)橫額basket (n)籃/網baton (n)接力棒boxer (n)拳擊手champion (n)冠軍cheer (n)/(v)喝采cheering crowd (n)喝采的觀眾cheerleader (n)啦啦隊員closing ceremony (n)閉幕禮corner flag (n)角旗cup (n)獎杯determination (n)決心diver (n)跳水選手diving board (n)跳水板dribble (n)/(v)運球eager spectators (n)心情熱切的觀眾fan (n)球迷first runner-up/second place (n)亞軍flag (n)旗幟foil (n)花劍劍術in tip-top/best shape/top form一流/最佳狀態jogging (n)慢跑lane (bowling) (n)滾道(保齡球)lay-up (shot) (n)上籃lifeguard (n)救生員losing graciously (phr)大方接受賽果/失敗medal (n)獎牌medallist (n)獎牌得主monkey bars (n)單槓national anthem (n)國歌Olympic Flame (n)奧運聖火opening ceremony (n)開幕禮parallel bars (n)雙槓Paralympic Games (n)殘疾人士奧林匹克運動會perseverance (n)堅持不懈podium (n)講臺pompom (n)啦啦球racket/racquet (n)球拍saber (n)佩劍,長劍sandbag (n)沙包second runner-up/third place (n)季軍shuttlecock (n)毽子,羽毛球slam dunk (n)扣籃somersault (n)筋斗spiked shoes (n)釘鞋sportsmanship (n)體育精神stadium (n)體育館tears and sweat (n)眼淚與汗水trophy (n)獎盃vaulting horse (n)鞍馬war cry (n)吶喊(以提高士氣)whistle (n)哨子