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Antagonist (n)
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Director (n)somebody who is in charge of making a film or getting a play ready for performanceDrape (n)a long curtainFade up/down (phr. v)to brighten/dim the lightingHand prop (n)an object that is small enough for the actors to carry around on stageImprovisation (n)a performance that the performer has not practiced beforeMime (n)the use of movements and facial expressions to tell a storyMonologue (n)a long speech made by an actor in a playPlot (n)a series of related events that make up the main story of a playRole (n)a character or person that is played by an actor in a playScript (n)the written words of a playSet (n)a stage where a play is performedSoliloquy (n)a speech in which an actor speaks his/her thoughts aloudSpectacle (n)the visual elements of the production of a play, e.g., the scenery, costumes, props, make-up, lighting, special effectsSpotlight (n)a beam of light from a strong lamp which illuminates an actor on stageStage (n)the part of the theatre where the actors or musicians performStagecraft (n)all the skills used in the theatre, e.g., effective use of lights, movementsStage direction (n)an instruction about what will happen in a playStage fright (n)fear felt by actors before a performanceStage left (n)on the left side of a stage for an actor who is looking towards the audienceStage manager (n)someone who is in charge of the practical arrangements for a playStage name (n)a name used by a performer instead of their real namesStage right (n)on the right side of a stage for an actor who is looking towards the audienceTension (n)the state of anxiety induced in the audience by the threat of danger to a character in a playTheme (n)the main idea or message within the playRave review (idiom)a report in a newspaper that praises a film or a play in a very enthusiastic way, e.g., The school play has earned rave reviews.A long face (idiom)a sad, disappointed expression on one's face, e.g., The lead actress pulled a long face when she lost the drama contest.Play the lead (idiom)play the main role for an actor in a play, e.g., Pat is playing the lead in her school play.Bring the house down (idiom)to make the audience react in a very enthusiastic way, especially by laughing, e.g., Pat's performance was so good that it brought the house down.Playwright (n)Somebody who writes plays as his/her jobProps (n)Objects used by characters on stage during a playCostumes (n)The clothes that performers wear in a film or playProtagonist (n)The main character in a playStagehand (n)A person who is employed to move the equipment on the stage in a theatreCasting (n)The process of choosing people to act in a film or playTake the stage (idiom)go onto the stage and start to perform, e.g., The actors did not take the stage until 10.00 pm.Go off the stage (idiom)leave the stage, e.g., The actors went off the stage suddenly.On stage (idiom)e.g., The performers were on stage when the lights collapsed.Stage an event (idiom)organise an event e.g., The hall was a perfect venue to stage a simple drama.climax (n)高潮comedy (n)喜劇dialogue (n)對話,對白improvisation (n)即興創作,即興演說location (n)位置,場景plot (n)情節scene (n)戲劇的一幕,舞臺佈景, 戲劇背景script (n)劇本setting (n)舞臺佈景,背景stage direction (n)舞臺指示stage door (n)劇場側門storyline (n)故事情節time (n)所需時間,時代背景title (n)劇目tragedy (n)悲劇curtain (n)(舞臺的) 幕cyclorama (n)圓形畫景downstage (n)舞臺前部orchestra pit (n)劇場舞台前的樂隊池props (n)道具scenery (n)舞臺布景set (n)(舞臺) 布景smoke generator (n)煙霧製造器stage left (n)舞臺左側stage right (n)舞臺右側trap/trap door/stage trap (n)活板門upstage (n)舞臺後部wings (n)舞臺側面costumes (n)戲服dressing room (n)更衣室make-up (n)化妝rehearsal room (n)排練室storeroom (n)道具室wardrobe room (n)服裝間blackout (n)舞臺熄燈dimmers (n)調光器floodlight (n)泛光燈spotlight (n)聚光燈fade in (n)聲音、畫面等逐漸清晰fade out (n)聲音、畫面等逐漸淡出voice-over (n)旁白actor/actress (n)男演員/女演員audience (n)觀眾audition (n)(演員) 試演backstage crew (n)後台工作人員cast (n)/(v)班底,演員陣容/扮演角色,為(戲劇,角色)選派演員character (n)人物,角色director (n)導演facial expression (n)面部表情narrator (n)敘述者,講述者scriptwriter (n)編劇set designer (n)場景設計師stagehands (n)(管理佈景燈光等的) 舞臺工作人員stage manager (n)舞臺監督supporting actor/actress (n)配角