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Abortion (n)
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Crisis (n)an urgent and difficult situationDestroy (v)to damage something severelyDevastate (v)to seriously damage or destroyDiscrimination (n)unfair treatment of someone because of their age, race or sexDomestic violence (n)violence that takes place between family members at homeFactor (n)one of the things that influences an event or the way it happensFreedom of speech (n)the legal right to say what you believe to be trueGang (n)a group of young people who spends time together and often causes troubleHarass (v)to annoy or upset someone repeatedly by attacking them, threatening them or treating them in an offensive wayHarassment (n)behaviour that is threatening, annoying or unpleasantHuman rights (n)the rights that everyone should have in a societyInsult (v)to say something offensive to someoneNatural resources (n)valuable substances such as oil, minerals that occur naturally in a countryPerspective (n)a way of thinking about somethingPoverty-stricken (adj)extremely poorReform (v)to improve a situation by changing thingsResponsibility (n)a duty to take care of someone or somethingThreat (n)the possibility of harm or dangerUnemployment benefit (n)money provided by the government to someone who does not have a jobVictim (n)someone who has been injured or killed as a result of a crime or an accidentSuffer (v)To feel pain in your body or in your mindOpinion poll (n)A study to find out what people think about a subject by asking their opinion of itLead to (phrasal v)To begin a process that causes something to happenRipple effects (n)A situation in which one thing causes a series of other things to happenSubsidise (n)To reduce the cost of something with partial payments from the governmentImpact (n)An effect or influenceDiscontent (n)The unhappy feeling you have when you are not satisfiedFace the threat (idiom)to face the possibility that something bad is going to happen, e.g., America faces the threat of terrorism every day.In poverty (idiom)a situation in which someone does not have enough money to pay for their basic needs, e.g., Many people in developing countries are living in poverty.Single most important/major/key factor (idiom)the most important thing that influences an event or a situation, e.g., Patience is the single most important factor in financial success.Effect (n)a change that is produced in a thing by another, e.g., Global warming has a huge effect on sea levels.acid rain (n)酸雨climatic change (n)氣候轉變deforestation (n)砍伐森林desertification (n)沙漠化ecosystem imbalance (n)生態失衡extinction of wildlife (n)野生動植物絕種food chain imbalance (n)食物鏈失衡global warming (n)全球暖化greenhouse effect (n)溫室效應loss of natural habitats (n)失去自然棲息地ozone depletion (n)臭氧層損耗pollution (n)污染radiation (n)輻射renewable energy (n)可再生能源rise in sea level (n)海平面上升smog (n)煙霧burglar (n)破門盜竊者criminal (n)罪犯hijacker (n)(行駛中的車船,飛機上的)劫持者hostage (n)人質inspector (n)督察judge (n)法官,裁判員jury (n)陪審團kidnapper (n)綁架犯/綁匪lawyer (n)律師murderer (n)謀殺犯offender (n)違法者pickpocket (n)扒手robber (n)搶劫者,劫匪,强盜shoplifter (n)店舖盜竊者suspect (n)嫌疑犯terrorist (n)恐怖分子thief (n)小偷victim (n)受害人witness (n)目擊者/證人abuse (n)虐待arson (n)縱火assassination (n)暗殺,行刺blackmail (n)勒索burglary (n)爆竊domestic violence (n)家庭暴力drink driving (n)醉酒駕駛embezzlement (n)虧空公款(sexual) harassment (n)(性) 騷擾hijacking (n)劫持行駛中的車船或飛機illegal abortion (n)非法墮胎libel (n)利用文字、 圖畫等誹謗 (罪)manslaughter (n)殺人罪,誤殺molestation (n)性騷擾,猥褻行為murder (n)兇殺/謀殺organized crime (n)有組織犯罪rape (n)/(v)強姦robbery (n)搶劫shooting at point-blank range (phr)近距離開槍shoplifting (n)店舖盜竊steal (v)偷竊swindle (v)詐騙terrorism (n)恐怖主義theft (n)偷竊罪(drug/weapon) trafficking/ smuggling (n)(毒品/軍火) 非法交易/走私trespass (n)/(v)非法/擅自進入cracking (n)破解 (密碼或軟件/防盜錄系統)credit card fraud (n)信用卡騙局cyber jacking (n)網絡劫持cyber squatting (n)網絡非法佔用cyber stalking (n)網絡跟蹤罪行cyber terrorism (n)網絡恐怖主義cyber vandalism (n)網絡故意破壞fraud (n)欺騙 (行為)/騙局hack (v)侵入他人電腦系統hacker (n)黑客/駭客 (侵入他人電腦系統者)identity theft (n)身份盜竊illegal downloading (n)非法下載scam (n)騙錢/詐取software piracy (n)軟件盜用,侵權spreading virus (phr)散播電腦病毒arm (n)武器裝備arrest (v)逮捕charge (v)控告civil rights (n)民權clue (n)線索court (n)法庭,法院death sentence/penalty (n)死刑evidence (n)證據,物證guilty (adj)有罪的handcuff (n)/(v)手銬/給...戴上手銬hearing (n)審訊life sentence (n)終生監禁prison (n)監獄proof (n)證據,物證ransom (n)贖金release (v)釋放sentence (n)/(v)判決,宣判trial (n)審判verdict (n)裁決,裁定weapon (n)武器,兇器bullying (n)恃強欺弱depression (n)沮喪drinking problem/alcoholism/alcohol addiction (n)酗酒dropping out of school (phr)輟學drug abuse (n)濫用藥物examination pressure (n)考試壓力peer pressure (n)朋輩壓力relationship problems (n)感情問題smoking/tobacco/nicotine addiction (n)吸煙/煙/尼古丁癮stress (n)壓力study problems (n)學業問題basic necessity (n)基本需要Comprehensive Social Security綜合社會保障Assistance Scheme (n)援助計劃debt (n)負債dependency (n)依賴deprivation (n)剝奪,缺水income disparity (n)收入不均inequality (n)不平等low living standard (n)低生活水平malnutrition (n)營養失調poverty line (n)貧窮線resources/wealth distribution (n)資源/財富分配social welfare (n)社會福利underemployment (n)就業不足unemployment (n)失業working poverty/ working poor (n)在職貧窮