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Adjudicate (v)
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Draft (v)to write down a document for the first time, including the main points but not all the detailsEndorse (v)to express support for someone or somethingEvidence (n)facts, statements or objects that help prove somethingJustify (v)to show that there is a good reason for somethingMotion (n)a formal proposal that is discussed in a debateNegation (n)disagreementNegative team (n)the team that opposes the motionOpposition (n)the person, team or group that someone is competing againstOratory skill (n)the skill of making effective public speechesProcedure (n)an established or official way of doing somethingProposition (n)a statement that people can examine in order to decide if it is truePut forward (phr. v)to suggest something or to offer an ideaRebuttal (n)points in reply to the opposition's argumentRefute (v)when an argument is refuted, someone has shown it to be incorrectRepudiate (v)to say formally that something is not true or you do not agree with somethingRhetoric (n)a style of speaking or writing aimed at influencing peopleSubstantive arguments (n)arguments that are real and importantValidate (v)to officially prove that something is true or correctFigure out (phrasal v)to be able to understand, e.g., It was very difficult to figure out what the second speaker wanted to say.Save face (idiom)If someone saves face, he/she manages to protect his/her reputation, e.g., To save face, the opponent pretended that they did not understand our points.Add insult to injury (idiom)When people add insult to injury, they make a bad situation even worse, e.g., To add insult to injury, the second speaker forgot all his arguments.Be tongue-tied (idiom)not able to say a word, e.g., I had nothing to say. I was totally tongue-tied.Over my head (idiom)to be too difficult for someone, e.g., The topic was so difficult that it was completely over my head.Argument (n)A set of reasons that you use for persuading other people to support your viewsOpponent (n)Someone who is competing against youConvincing (n)Able to make you believe that something is true or rightApplaud (n)To show that you enjoyed someone's performance by clapping your handsInvestigate (n)To try to find out the facts about something in order to learn the truth about itCriticise (n)To express disapproval of someone or somethingadjudicator (n)評判員anecdote (n)趣聞,掌故anticipate (v)預期argument (n)論點,論據assertion (n)陳詞audience (n)觀眾chairperson (n)主席challenge (n)/(v)異議,質疑controversial (adj)引起爭議的definition (n)定義elaboration (n)詳細闡述evaluate (v)評估evidence (n)證詞,證據explanation (n)解釋,辯解express (v)表達fact (n)事實gesture (n)手勢,姿勢key points (n)重點motion (n)議題opposition (n)反方,反對意見proposition (n)論點quotation (n)引文,引證reassert (v)重申主張rebuttal (n)反駁,抗辯refute (v)反駁speech (n)演說,演講,辯論teamwork (n)合作the Affirmative (n)正方the Negative/Opposition (n)反方timekeeper (n)計時員viewpoint (n)觀點