Intermediate Cantonese 5 mins learning - Good people Good story 好人好故事 - Yale & JP romanisations

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行樓梯 Yale : haang4 lau4 tai1 JP : haang4 lau4 tai1
Image: Go up the stairs
uncle / address a stranger with respects (to senior man)伯伯 Yale : baak3 baak3 JP : baak3 baak3Sit (still)坐住 Yale : cho5 jyu6 JP : co5 zyu6wheelchair輪椅 Yale : leun4 yi2 JP : leon4 ji2queue排隊 Yale : paai4 deui2 JP : paai4 deoi2you go first你行先 Yale : nei5 haang4 sin1 JP : nei5 haang4 sin1must一定 Yale : yat1 ding6 JP : jat1 ding6need需要 Yale : seui1 yiu3 JP : seoi1 jiu3care關懷 Yale : gwaan1 waai4 JP : gwaan1 waai4we must care about the society我[ngo5]地[dei6]一[yat1]定[ding6]要[yiu3]關[gwaan1]懷[waai4]社[se5]會[wui5]

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