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Surrounded though he was by the vast ocean, Shinji did not especially burn with impossible dreams of great adventure across the seas. His fisherman's conception of the sea was close to that of the farmer for his land.
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I thought I'd hide here and give you a scare.YasuoYou'd better listen... unless you want everyone to know about you and shinjiYasuoYasuo's cigarette had become so short that it was burning his lip.YasuoYasuo very much wanted to drop a hint about how he had slipped off and bought himself a piece last night.YasuoShe always wore a gloomy expression ... this was the most noticeable result of the "refinements" she was learning at the university in Tokyo.ChiyokoShe memorised the names of a group of Victorian lady poets... exactly as though she were memorising Buddhist scripture.ChiyokoThis unsociable girl... disliked having the islanders greet and speak to her.ChiyokoWhat she regarded as ugly, however, was actually only the plaster-of-Paris maskChiyokoChiyoko's face was full of life ... "He told me I'm pretty."Chiyoko