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Spinal cord
carry transmissions of nerve signals between brain and body
grey matter, white matter, central canal, pia matter, dorsal septum, ventral fissure, ventral spinal artery
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multipolar (efferent) neuron of grey matter of spinal cord Angular shape due to multiple dendrites halo of dissolved myelin with outer halo border of Schwan cell membrane Heterochromatic nucleus: inactive; no transcription taking place, obvious Nucleolus Nissl Granules; dark granules in cytoplasmwhat is this structure? Identify and explain the notable characteristics.heterochromatic: inactive nucleus where no transcrioption is taking place- darker and mottled appearance euchromatic: active nucleus containing dispersed uncoiled chromatin involved in stanscripion- appear whiteWhat is the difference between heterochromatic and euchromatic nuclei?cytoplasm of neuron cell bodies granules that contain ribosomes and RER and produce neurotransmitterswhere are nissl granules located? what is their function?Sensory receptor cells in the skin synapse with nearby pseudo unipolar axons and send signal up through the axon all the way to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. Axons of the PUPN synapse with dendrites of interneurons in the spinal cord which transmit the signal down their axons and synapse with the dendrites of multipolar neurons in the ventral horn. The signal travels down the MPN axon and synapses with a post ganglionic multipolar neuron outside of the spinal cord. The signal then travels down the axon of this post ganglionic multipolar neuron to the target tissue.explain the reflex arcmultipolar motor neuron and the muscle fibers it synapsed withwhat is a motor unit?Pseudounipolar neurons: sensory, no dendrite on cell bodies, axons reach from skin/tissue to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord, cell bodies are found in DRG, synapse with interneurons in the DH Interneurons: small, traverse DH and VH or spinal card. Dendrites recieve signal from PUPN axons. Axons synapse with MPN dendrites, cell bodies found in ventral part of DH or in dorsal part of VH, axons found in VH. Multipolar neurons: motor, cell bodies located in the VH and dendrites synapse with axon of interneurons. axons extend from VH to target issue.what is the difference between pseudounipolar neurons, interneurons, and multipolar neurons?White matter of the spinal cord Myelinated axons and neuroglia cellsWhat does this image represent? Identify important structuresGrey matter is densely packed with neuron cell bodies which gives it the darker appearance. The white matter is less densely packed with cell bodies and contains more axons, which stain lighter and thus give it the lighter appearancewhat gives white matter and grey matter their distinct appearances?Dorsal Root Ganglion connective tissue capsule, medulla, cortex, sensory cell bodies transmit sensory information from the tissues to the CNS during a reflex arcwhat does this image represent? Identify important structures what is its function?located outside the spinal cord in the dorsal root contains the cell bodies of pseudo unipolar (sensory) neuron cellswhere is the DRG located and what is it made up of?"stepping stone" or mosaic appearance due to cell bodies varying in diameter and existing in close contact with eachotherDescribe the appearance of the cortex of the DRG. Why does it have this appearance?myelinated nerve fibers that arise from the ganglion cellswhat does the medulla of the DRG contain?Pseudo unipolar neuron cell body in the cortex of the DRG euchromatic nucleus, nucleolus, satellite cells, halo of dissolved myelin, shwan cell membrane, nissl granuleswhat does this image show? where is it located? identify important structures.