Touchstones 1 - Unit 3: Film

Film genre
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InfographicsA visual image used to represent data and information.CinematographyThe art of photography and camerawork in film-making.High angleWhere the camera looks down on the subject. This can make the subject seem vulnerable or powerless.Low angleWhere the camera looks up at the subject. This can make the subject seem powerful and strong.Eye-level angleWhere the camera looks directly at the subject straight on. This puts the audience at the same level as the character.Close-up shotFocused on the face, with the audience unable to see the rest of the scene.Full shotA wider shot, showing the character from head to toe, so the audience can clearly see what they're doing.Establishing shotAn even wider shot, showing the surroundings and actions taking place in a wider setting.MontageCreated by selecting, editing and piecing together parts of the footage, usually with background music.Cross-cuttingAn editing technique that takes two or more film sequences and cuts between them as the scene goes on.BridgingAn editing technique used to connect the gap between one scene and another, to explain a move in time or place.PitchingSummarising and selling your film idea in sixty to ninety seconds.StoryboardImages providing a clear and detailed plan for each shot.