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Government subsidies
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advertising expensesdeductible only up to 1% of revenues for the year - PERMANENTtelephone expensesdeductible only for 80% of their amount (add back 20%) - PERMANENTuse of vehiclesdeductible only for 20% of their amount (add back 80%) - PERMANENTstart-up costsfully deducted in the year they incur or over 5 years (add back 80%) - TEMPORARYdonationsdeductible only up to 1% of revenues for the year - PERMANENTbad debt expensedeductible within 0.5% of outstanding trade receivables, the exceeding amount is deductible only in case the amount is written off - TEMPORARYimpairment losses on landnon-deductible - PERMANENTR&D costscounted twice - PERMANENT