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  1. desolate
  2. modicum
  3. portentous
  4. Hyperbole
  5. profusion
  1. a ominous, pompous
  2. b a small or moderate or token amount
  3. c deserted, dreary, lifeless
  4. d the property of being extremely abundant
  5. e Exaggeration; overstatement

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  1. enlightening or uplifting so as to encourage intellectual or moral improvement
  2. poetic
  3. curse or declare to be evil or anathema or threaten with divine punishment
  4. complete or perfect in the highest degree; to bring to a state of completion or perfection
  5. block passage through

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  1. arrogateabolish


  2. ineptitudeunskillfulness resulting from a lack of training


  3. palatialevident


  4. disreputeimmoral


  5. bruita secret rendezvous (especially between lovers)