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  1. albatross
  2. ersatz
  3. underwriter
  4. presumptuous
  5. hapless
  1. a assumes financial responsibility
  2. b artificial substitution
  3. c unlucky
  4. d too forward or bold; overstepping boundaries
  5. e constant burden

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  1. dock
  2. a statement that does not logically relate to what comes before it
  3. a fictional character that relies heavily on cultural types or stereotypes for its personality manner of speech and other characteristics. Stock characters are instantly recognizable to members of a given culture.
  4. clearly or sharply defined to the mind
  5. shining with an unnatural red glow as of fire seen through smoke

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  1. Beliestop short


  2. impudentrude; disrespectful


  3. redactedrevise; edit


  4. exodusa gathering of the minimal number of members of an organization to conduct business


  5. slapstickPicture made of colorful small inlaid tiles; something that resembles a mosaic


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