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  1. angular momentum
  2. arbitror, -ari, -atus sum
  3. ingrātus, ingrāta, ingrātum
  4. Ketone
  5. Chemosynthetic bacteria
  1. a unpleasant, unpleasing
  2. b Compound with a nonterminal carbonyl group (R-C=O-R'). Ketones are named by replacing the -e in the corresponding alkane with -one.
  3. c carbohydrates manufactured from CO2 and H2O using the oxidation of chemical nutrients instead of sunlight as a source of energy
  4. d think, judge
  5. e
    The 3 images depict a change in the "_________________" quantum number

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  1. Heterotrophs
  2. renal tubules
    There is re-absorption of sodium in exchange for potassium and hydrogen ions
    Helps regulate both volume status and potassium balance
  3. year
  4. son
  5. Viruses

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  1. The energy required to reactants to cross energy barrier to undergo any chemical change.denoted by Ea.serum free T4


  2. illito that


  3. apertus, -a, -ummiddle of


  4. InterleukinA chemical secreted by a T cell (usually the helper Ts) that stimulates activation and proliferation of other immune system cells.


  5. Prolactina peptide, promotes lactation (milk production) by the breasts. The reason that milk is not normally produced before birth is due to the inhibitory effects of milk production by progesterone and estrogen. The act of suckling, which stimulates the hypothalmus to stimulate the ap to release prolactin, inhibits the menstrual cycle.