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  1. saepe
  2. Somatostatin
  3. Within the retina there are XXXXXXXXXXX that transduce light into action potentials.
  4. intensity level
  5. pro + abl
  1. a SIGMA CELLS OF THE ISLETS OF LANGERHANS IN THE PANCREAS: inhibits many digestive processes
  2. b (b) an intuitive scale of intensities based on the unit of decibels (dB)
  3. c in place of, before, for, in front of
  4. d photoreceptors
  5. e often

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  1. school, class
  2. go back, draw back, recede, retreat
  3. Red Blood Cells
  4. A portion of DNA that codes for some product, usually a protein, including all regulatory sequences. Some genes code for rRNA and tRNA, which are not translated.
  5. network of membrane enclosed spaces involved in the transport of materials throughout the cell, particularly materials that will be secreted by the cell; provides channels throughout the cytoplasm and provides a direct continuous passageway from the plasma membrane to the nuclear membrane

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  1. suus a umflees


  2. what are the steps in evaluating thyroid nodules1. asses function TSH and FT4
    2. thyroid ultrasound
    3. FNA (cell "biopsy" for malignancy)
    4. thyroid scan RAI-123


  3. damno (1)condemn


  4. Peripheral chemoreceptorsAn object's mass times its velocity. Measures the amount of motion in a straight line. momentum = p = m•v = mass • velocity
    momentum is conserved in collisions


  5. What is the term used to describe an elongated extension of the brain which acts as the conduit for sensory information to the brain and motor function from the brain?Spinal Cord