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  1. adrenal cortex
  2. impair
  3. corroborate
  4. Gq
  5. antagonistic
  1. a (verb) weaken in strength or value
  2. b The trimeric G protein that activates phospholipase C-beta.
  3. c in hostile competition; opposing
  4. d (verb) support with evidence; tell the same story; confirm
  5. e target tissue of ACTH

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  1. the sperm reach the ampulla of the fallopian tube how many minutes after ejaculation?
  2. a person of great power
  3. Function not well understood, affects nuclear architecture, two receptors specific to __________ have been found on human T-cells
  4. (adj) incapable of making a mistake

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  1. Cortisolreleased by the stomach in the presence of food; gastrin promotes muscular activity of the stomach as well as secretion of hydrochloric acid, pepsinogen, and mucus


  2. pronucleibring about; cause to happen


  3. breast, uterustarget tissues of oxytocin


  4. morosedepressed


  5. luminal, basolateralaldosterone increases the transcription of a sodium ion permease at the ______ cell surface and the Na+/K+ at the _____ surface