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  1. ampullary
  2. incongruous
  3. divergence
  4. concise
  5. morula
  1. a out of place
  2. b fertilization, if it occurs, takes place in the ____ portion of the fallopian tube
  3. c the zygote remains in the fallopian tubes for 3 days and develops into a
  4. d short and to the point; terse
  5. e the act of splitting off into different directions

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  1. maturation of sperm in the epididymis includes topographical regionalization of _______ residues
  2. labored, gasping breathing; shortness of breath
  3. (verb) to say things harmful to a person's reputation; malign; vilify
  4. induct into; begin
  5. target tissue of ACTH

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  1. cAMPCan enzyme-linked cell surface receptors have phosphatase or protease activity?


  2. Thyroid Stimulating Hormonestimulates the release of prolactin from the pituitary


  3. innovation(noun) a new idea, product, or method


  4. yesWill patients with Addison's disease caused by a problem with the adrenal cortex be hyperpigmented?


  5. contingent (adj)dependent upon other circumstances; conditional