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  1. tertiary, graafian
  2. concur (verb)
  3. heart, liver, adipose
  4. Epiphysis
  5. T
  1. a agree
  2. b T3 increases the sensitivities of ____,_____, and _____ tissue to epinephrine by increasing transcription of beta adrenergic receptors
  3. c the end of a long bone
  4. d which follicles have a fluid-filled "antrum"
  5. e T/F there are no sequelae on calcium metabolism from removal of the thyroid gland (site of biosynthesis of CT)

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  1. target tissues of LH and FSH
  2. hard to understand
  3. What receptors mediate some of the actions of adrenaline and noradrenaline AND involve activation of adenylate cyclase?
  4. In ________-associated hypercalcemia, PTH levels are suppressed.
  5. mutual hatred

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  1. consonance (noun)a blending of sounds or opinions; harmony; agreement


  2. 2the type of diabetes caused by target tissue resistance to insulin


  3. Tachypneaaccelerated respiration.


  4. loquaciouspancreas


  5. yesIs signal transduction by second messengers a flexible process?