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  1. insolent
  2. mitigte
  3. acromegaly
  4. growth hormone
  5. Calcitonin
  1. a anterior pituitary
  2. b Produced by the thyroid gland and decreases the blood calcium levels by stimulating calcium deposit in the bones (__________ keeps the bone in). The antagonist of the parathyroid hormone.
  3. c (adj) rude; haughty
  4. d GH excess in adults leads to ______.
  5. e make less severe

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  1. maturation of sperm in the epididymis includes ________ cytoplasm and cell volumes
  2. causes decreased secretion of PTH plus resistance to PTH action at target organ ("functional" hypoparathyroidism")
  3. guilty; blameworthy
  4. stimulates adrenal cortex to secrete cortisol
  5. different; various

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  1. secondary spermatocytes (2N)daughter cells of primary spermatocytes that have just completed their first meiotic division


  2. 6generation of primordial follicles is complete about __ months after birth


  3. exaltNO causes smooth muscle cells to do what?


  4. caustic (adj)punish; discipline; castigate


  5. bequeath(verb) to disagree, especially with the majority, or with an authority


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