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  1. antral
  2. hypercalcemia (permits renal calcium wasting)
  3. beguile
  4. obscure
  5. Addison's
  1. a hazy; unfamiliar; difficult to understand
  2. b granulosa cells that face the antrum of the graafian follicle and become the large luteal cells of the corpus luteum
  3. c to cheat or deceive, usually through charm; also to amuse
  4. d under produciton of glucocorticoids causes _______ disease
  5. e the homeostatic defense against ______ is suppression of PTH secretion by the parathyroid glands

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  1. charge with a crime; accuse
  2. Deep inspiration through a widely opened mouth. The inspired air is usually held for a short period before sudden expiration.
  3. harmless; inoffensive
  4. made from osteoblasts along the surface of most bones in adults, regulates the movement of calcium and phosphate into and out of the bone
  5. Produced by the thymus gland during childhood, this hormone stimulates T-lymphocyte development and differentiation.

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  1. estrogenin the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, ______ suppresses both LH and GnRH release


  2. Hepcidininhibits iron uptake, prevent release of iron


  3. Eb major & C minor
    6 sharps - F♯, C♯, G♯, D♯, A♯, E♯


  4. F (signaling is pleiotropic)T/F one ligand generates one response


  5. AmylinWorks w/ insulin & glucagon to maintain normal blood sugar