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  1. belie (verb)
  2. opiates
  3. impede
  4. gap
  5. incredulous
  1. a to give an impression that is the opposite of the way things really are; to misrepresent
  2. b get in the way; hinder
  3. c inhibitory neurons in the arcuate nucleaus exert their effects via ______
  4. d unwilling or unable to believe
  5. e ___ junctions exist between granulosa cells and the oocyte

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  1. what is the half-life, in general, of steroid hormones?
  2. an unexpected outcome, or the use of a word that is the opposite of its literal meaning
  3. induct into; begin
  4. ____ requirements increase during pregnancy primarily because of the increased demand for producing blood cells
  5. What is the primary purpose of the respiratory system?

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  1. IIWhat are G proteins involved in enzyme activation called?


  2. innate(adj) having a quality that arise from within, rather than learned or acquired from the oustide; native; inborn


  3. cumulusgranulosa cells that are shed with the oocyte at the time of ovulation. they cannot generate estrogens


  4. trachea


  5. YawningDeep inspiration through a widely opened mouth. The inspired air is usually held for a short period before sudden expiration.