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  1. Iliac crest
  2. Proximal phalanx
  3. Sacrum
  4. Zygomatic arch
  5. Subscapular fossa
  1. a
    Name this specific bone of the foot.
  2. b
    Name this specific part of the scapula.
  3. c
    Name this entire bone.
  4. d
    Name this specific part of the ilium.
  5. e
    Name this entire part.

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  1. antagonist to inhibin: enhances FSH biosynthesis and secretion, and participates in the regulation of the menstrual cycle

  2. Name this carpal bone (posterior view).
  3. Function not well understood; secreted by adipocytes (fat cells) and may communicate signal low blood sugar; recently associated with the development of insulin insensitivity
  4. a freely movable joint in which the bones are connected by ligaments
  5. a type of muscle tissue AKA visceral, nonstriated or involuntary muscle

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  1. Optic foramen
    Name this foramen.


  2. Foramen rotundum
    Name this foramen.


  3. Superior orbital fissure
    Name this specific part of the thoracic vertebra.


  4. NECK


  5. Gomphosisslightly movable joint, bones joined by fibrous cartilage