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  1. epiphyseal line
  2. Lesser trochanter
  3. Medial cuneiform
  4. Coronoid process
  5. Synarthroses
  1. a
    Name this part of the mandible.
  2. b Are immovable joints
  3. c
    Name this specific part of the femur.
  4. d
    Name this specific bone of the foot.
  5. e

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  1. movement of limb toward trunk of body
  2. Joint type in shoulder and hip

  3. Name this specific bone of the hand (posterior view).

  4. Name this bone.

  5. Name this bone.

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  1. Crista galli
    Name this bony landmark of the ethmoid bone (posterior view).


  2. Middle nasal conchaanother name for smooth muscle; found in the walls of hollow organs


  3. Inferior articular process
    Name this specific part of C2.


  4. Cribriform plate
    Name this bony landmark.


  5. Vertebral foramen
    Name this opening.