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  1. periosteum
  2. Orbit
  3. pivot joint
  4. Sagittal suture
  5. Clavicle
  1. a
  2. b
    Name this suture.
  3. c
    Name this entire bone.
  4. d
    Name this area of the skull.
  5. e Synovial joint w/rotation around axis (skull or radius)

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  1. Name this specific bony landmark.

  2. Name this part of the hyoid bone.

  3. Name this specific part of the atlas (C1).
  4. Synarthrotic(immovable) bones united by bands of hyaline cartilage. joint between epiphysis & diaphysis

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  1. Radial notch
    Name this specific part of the ulna.


  2. Transverse process
    Name this bony landmark.


  3. Incretinssecreted by gastrointestinal tract; enhance glucose-stimulated release of insulin; inhibit glucagon


  4. Fovea capitis femoris
    Name this bone.


  5. Cuboid
    Name this specific part of the mandible.