Jobs at Quizlet

The world of education is changing, and a generation of students is turning to digital learning tools. Quizlet is building those tools… come join us!

Do something great

We help kids learn - over a million of them a day, who study on our website and apps. Having this huge impact is really inspiring to us, as is sitting with students one at a time and seeing the difference we’re making for them individually. As a mission-driven company, we're really focused on building great user experiences for every student on the planet. Interested?

Shape education

A wave of innovation is happening in education, and we’re among the leaders in providing great tools to a new generation of students in every country and at every grade level. We spend a lot of time visiting classrooms to get feedback from students and teachers… we need to get this right!

Small team, big impact

With only 32 people supporting 22 million monthly users, we move fast, make decisions quickly, and get things done. An idea can go from a hack night to millions of users within days. We also really focus on teamwork and communication, for example our Friday wrap-ups and strategy sessions.

Build high quality software

Building great products that users love is our main focus. We answer over 1500 feedback emails every week (everyone pitches in), and obsessively fix bugs, simplify features, push for usability until we can push no more. Product quality is the heart of our culture and the thing that matters most to us.

Technology at scale

Our engineers deploy new code many times a day, and that code reaches millions of students within minutes. We’re currently the #45 largest website in the U.S. - there are very few education companies operating at that scale. To handle our growth, we’re building an automated technology infrastructure that can service tens of thousands of requests per second with sub-100 millisecond response times.

Own major projects

Whether you’re tackling a big infrastructure project, building out a major new product feature, or giving a talk at a public event - there’s no B team at Quizlet. You’ll get the support you need, but every team member is on center stage, responsible for making big things happen.

Try the swings!

We’ve built a team of down-to-earth, interesting people who are excited about what they do and also know how to have fun. Whether it’s watching a video of someone’s weekend snowboard face plant, playing an epic game of ping pong, or riffing with a lunch-time visitor or at our Friday happy hours, it’s a great group to hang out with. Life’s too short, and our mission to change education too important, to not really enjoy yourself!