Senior Search Engineer

Search is the engine that connects users with the best possible learning materials to efficiently master or teach any subject. We have unique technical challenges that you'll tackle as a search engineer, from optimizing the flashcard discovery experience to content recommendations to helping students decide which concepts to study next. Our search experiences are extraordinarily high throughput, serving thousands of requests per second over terabytes of data.

Quizlet’s mission is to help students (and their teachers) practice and master whatever they’re learning. We provide engaging and customizable activities with content contributions from people everywhere (over 200 million study sets and counting). We have fanatical users, significant organic growth, and a strong business model that got us to profitability before raising venture capital money. Over 100 million (over 30 million active) people visit or our mobile apps monthly. Quizlet shows billions of questions a month to users worldwide!

The Role

  • Design, build, and maintain all data pipelines and APIs of our search services
  • Consult with product managers and technical leads to define new search services
  • Determine search success metrics (hit depth, search engagement funnels) in conjunction with the analytics team
  • Create backend search DSL's which make search query development easier for all other engineers

Example Projects

  • Optimizing search documents for a personalized content discovery experience
  • Reconfiguring a sharding strategy for graph-connected knowledge documents
  • Building an interval-based retraining system for optimizing search algorithm coefficients

Qualifications and Experience

  • 2+ years working with Lucene and/or Lucene-based APIs (Elasticsearch, Solr)
  • 3+ years in the industry as a backend/data engineer
  • Proven track record of designing and optimizing search indices at scale
  • Highly proficient in JVM based software development
  • Driven by a curiosity and motivation to explore and optimize user-data interaction
  • A passion for improving education

Bonus Points for...

  • Experience with Elasticsearch
  • Experience with PHP or Python
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform

Quizlet’s Team Culture

We’re extremely proud of the powerful impact our study tools are having on people’s lives across the U.S. and the world. Our focus on quality, usability, and performance across all platforms has helped Quizlet grow organically to a top U.S. web brand with top education apps on iOS and Android. We regularly visit classrooms across the Bay Area to see Quizlet’s users in action. We believe in teamwork and communication, and we believe in each other — every member has the confidence and flexibility to take a stab at new problems across functions. We love technology and we love helping people. Come join us!


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