Jobs at Quizlet

The world of education is changing, and a generation of students is turning to digital learning tools. Quizlet is building those tools… come join us!

Web Engineer

Quizlet is looking for talented, experienced, generalist engineers, who want to build impactful products for millions of students and teachers around the world. Quizlet is a pioneer in education technology with tens of millions of active users and HUGE growth ahead. We’re a bootstrapped, cash-flow positive startup with a successful business model. Come join a small team of engineers building and deploying new products to over 1 million users a day.

The Role

Each engineer at Quizlet gets the opportunity to punch above their weight — owning entire projects and striving for excellence and quality in design, architecture, performance and user experience. Being a member of a small, nimble team tackling big problems means that you can get creative about what technologies you deploy.

As an engineer at Quizlet you must care passionately about user experience, and develop a deep understanding of how users interact with Quizlet. You will not be just a cog in a machine, but rather you will attend school visits, meet with students and teachers, and have a major voice in product decisions.

We are scaling rapidly at Quizlet. Over 20M users a month depend on us for their daily studies and demand innovative new learning tools and games. This means big engineering challenges that require smart, creative people to solve them. What are you passionate about? What technological challenges excite you? Whether it’s building robust APIs, deploying front-end performance improvements, architecting new search infrastructure, or designing new learning games, the odds are we have a challenge here you’ll be excited about.

Qualifications and Experience

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Years of proven experience building their own websites, web apps, or other independent or professional software projects
  • A strong CS background and ability to pick up new languages and skills quickly
  • Experience working in a team environment on large-scale systems
  • A passion for writing clean code and a desire to constantly improve as an engineer
  • Be deeply excited about the impact his or her work could have in the lives of students and teachers every day
Quizlet's Team

Quizlet’s Team Culture

We’re extremely proud of the powerful impact our study tools are having on people’s lives across the U.S. and the world. Quality, usability, and performance across all platforms is our main focus. This has helped Quizlet grow organically to a top 100 U.S. web brand with top-five education apps on iOS and Android. We regularly visit classrooms across the Bay Area to see Quizlet’s users in action. We believe in teamwork and communication, and we believe in each other — every member has the confidence and flexibility to take a stab at new problems across functions. We love technology and we love helping people. Come join us!

See some of our user testimonials or our Twitter mentions for a taste of the feedback we receive on a daily basis, driving us to make even better products.

How to Apply

Please email us at if you’re interested.

If you can, please also include links to live apps you’ve built or your work on GitHub.