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  1. 82. Operating engines in idle reverse thrust for extended periods during high OAT's may cause one or more engine FIREX bottles to discharge uncommanded
    A. True
    B. False
  2. A color image with smooth gradations requires at least what bit depth?
  3. Culture of Design (SAMS Design Guide)
  4. Necessity
  5. What angle of view does an incident meter read?
  1. a Something that is required for a certain outcome (have to do it) regardless of competing values.
  2. b A
  3. c Participative, pluralistic, reflective, inter-subjective, holistic improvement.
  4. d Very wide at about 180 degrees
  5. e 24 bits per pixel (8 per color), which gives 16,777,216 colors

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  1. Build cohesive teams through mutual trust.
    Create shared understanding.
    Provide a clear commander's intent.
    Exercise disciplined initiative.
    Use mission orders.
    Accept prudent risk.
  2. Prevent the enemy from acquiring unexpected advantage
  3. B
  4. The most important goal of the U.S. government in both foreign and domestic policy should be the physical security and economic well-being of the American people. U.S. should not seek out foreign quarrels, but in the case of war, victory is the only way. See also Hamiltonian, Wilsonian, and Jeffersonian U.S. foreign policies.
  5. 751 degrees C and above

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  1. Nested SystemsThe world political system is modeled as a hierarchy of nested sets of subsystems, each embraced by those at the next higher level of analysis and embracing those at all lower levels.


  2. Tension (SAMS Design Guide)The resistance or friction among and between actors. Tension arises from differences and can be exploited as a source of transformation.


  3. Three Critical Factors of COG (JP 5-0)the continuous, simultaneous combinations of offensive, defensive, and stability or defense support of civil authorities


  4. Why is depth of field greater on a short lens versus a long lens?Relative aperture. The opening on a long lens must be larger than a corresponding opening on a short lens to produce the same f-stops.


  5. Commanders drive the operations process through...-decisive wars, or wars in which clear victors and losers emerge, are mutually suicidal and therefore impossible due to modern battlefield conditions, as evidenced by the lethality of modern weapons, immensity of mass mobilization, and economic burden of waging modern war.