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  1. Color systems divide all colors into which three measurements?
  2. 39. If the ________________ fails, automatic ground spoilers may not deploy during a rejected takeoff or subsequent landing.
    A. TOGA switch
    B. Speedbrake/DLC switch
    C. GND SPLR/LAPES switch
    D. Autothrottle disengage button
  3. Constructivism (Idealism)
  4. Linn
  5. Drawing, Production (SAMS Design Guide)
  1. a C
  2. b
    International politics is shaped by persuasive ideas, collective values, culture, and social identities. See also Realism and Liberalism.
  3. c Drawing produced by designers to communicate with stakeholders responsible for operationalizing the design, such as planners or subordinate commanders. See also design drawing and presentation drawing.
  4. d -American way of war
    -Linn counters Weigley
    -Link to Dolman (from Dan: attrition is inevitable in Dolman's view)
  5. e Hue, Luminance, Saturation

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  1. Operational design supports operational art with a general methodology using
    elements of operational design for understanding the situation and the problem. The methodology helps the JFC and staff to understand conceptually the broad solutions for attaining mission accomplishment and to reduce the uncertainty of a complex operational
    environment. Additionally, it supports a recursive and ongoing dialogue concerning the nature of the problem and an operational approach to achieve the desired end stat
  2. C
  3. (1) Understand the strategic direction. (What are the strategic goals to be achieved and the military objectives that support their attainment?)

    (2) Understand the operational environment. (What is the larger context that will help me determine our problem?)

    (3) Define the problem. (What problem is the design intended to solve?)

    (4) The answers to these three questions support the development of an operational
    approach. (How will the problem be solved?)
  4. -Western view of torture
    -Unconditional support of the populace and this support must be maintained at any price
    -Modern warfare focused on hearts and minds
    -Population control measures
    -Those who don't follow the law of war should not be protected by it
    -Assumes insurgent is coercing population
  5. Operational Art in the 20th Century has seen progression toward prefection of first grammar. US operational planning and execution focused too much on war's first grammar, which is why the classic definition of operational art is also problematic. It is not enough merely to 'design' and 'link' operations, as the classic definition holds, with only one grammar in mind. Contemporary operational art requires mastering two grammars.
    First Grammar is conventional war, which the US Army has nearly perfected
    Second Grammar is unconventional war, which has suffered from focus on first grammar.

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  1. Operational Design (Joint)Ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or problem situation. See also operational approach.


  2. Design Traps (Lawson)Design problems are so complex and "wicked" or tricky it is comparatively easy to make decisions which, with the benefit of hindsight, may seem quite ridiculous: 1. Category Trap, 2. Puzzle Trap, 3. Number Trap, 4. Icon Trap, 5. Image Trap.


  3. FOA Mind MapU.S. foreign policy should be less concerned about spreading democracy abroad than safeguarding it at home; skeptical of Hamiltonian and Wilsonian policies that involve the U.S. with unsavory allies abroad or increased risks of war. See also Hamiltonian, Wilsonian, and Jacksonian U.S. foreign policies.


  4. Bit depth refers to what?The amount of information contained in each pixel


  5. 16. (SCOA) How should we understand the concept of power within a discussion of politics?Commanders may use both LOOs and lines of effort to connect objectives to a central, unifying purpose