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  1. 20. Shutdown of the aircraft electrical system with either emergency light switch in the ON or ARM position, will cause the emergency lights to remain illuminated and could cause
    A. depletion of the emergency batteries
    B. depletion of the aircraft batteries
    C. depletion of the IRU batteries
    D. automatic shutdown of the APU
  2. Frederick II, of Prussia (Frederick the Great) (Instructions For His Generals, 1761)
  3. line of effort (JP 5-0)
  4. Exogenous
  5. Strategy, Frame Work
  1. a Relating to an internal cause of origin.
  2. b -Logistics
    -Generalship--men should fear officers
    -Military academies and schools
    -Transformed Prussia into a productive state
    -Applied thinking always required because experience never repeats itself
    -"Coup D'Oeil"--great men conceive in a moment all the advantages of the terrain and the use that they can make of it with their army.
    -Frederick was engaged in total war because of the geography of his territories. Always operating on the other side of the culmination point (assume lots of risk)
    -Influenced Adolf Hitler significantly
  3. c links multiple tasks and missions using the logic of purpose—cause and effect—to focus efforts toward establishing operational and strategic conditions
  4. d Distribution and of application of military means for a war (Liddell Hart).
  5. e A

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  1. A _____ is a criterion used to assess friendly actions that is tied to
    measuring task accomplishment.
  2. -Relates to level 1 and 2 constituents (Putnam) It is how the Level 1 interact toward the level 2. Think level 2 as the audience, and Level 1 as the actors in theater
  3. TBD
  4. Focuses on threats to deny a strategic option; tends toward control.
  5. B

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  1. Type of medical required for a private pilot3rd class, valid for 5 years if under 40, 2 years thereafter


  2. Additional equipment required for VFR night flight3rd class, valid for 5 years if under 40, 2 years thereafter


  3. Clausewitz's Military GeniusA harmonious combination of courage, powers of intellect, and strength of will.


  4. The relative aperture is equal to the lens focal length divided by what?Inkjet black & white printing where color cartridges are replaced with shades of gray, resulting in smooth tones and slight color cast


  5. Low pressure systems turnScientific way of warfare
    Thesis: dominant scientific ideas are reflected in the contemporary practices of warfare in the western world
    1. Mechanism- Force, Linear, matter in motion (Close order drill)
    2. Thermodynamic-energy, entropy, probability (mass mobilisation, motorisation, industrialisation)
    3. Cybernetics-inormation, negentropy, negative feedback, homeostasis (C2, automation)
    4. Chaoplexity-information, non-linear, positive feedback, self organisation, emergence (decentralisation, swarming)