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on end
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on time時間通りにunder construction建設中のfor nothing①むだに;②無料でon duty勤務中でat homeくつろいでin fact実際はin short要するにin particular特に/とりわけon one's ownひとりでat a loss途方に暮れてill at ease落ち着かないto A's tasteAの好みに合うout of date時代遅れのout of order故障してall at once突然にsecond to none誰にも負けないas a rule概してon the contraryそれどころか(on)to the contraryそれどころか(to)from time to timeときどき⚫to⚫once in a whileときどきall of a sudden突然に(all)out of the blue突然に(out)in the long run結局は