Master Educator Study Guide Chapters 1-6

It has often been said that teaching is:
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Putting yourself in the learner's place and understanding what has caused certain behaviors and actions is a quality called:b. compassion.A group of peptide hormones that bind to opiate receptors and are found mainly in the brain are called:a. endorphins.Letting go of past mistakes and discovering what you can do to correct them in the future is related to your:c. self-confidence.Using_____really only sends the message that you are dissatisfied with yourself or lack self-confidence.b. sarcasmTo properly facilitate learning of the subjects covered in the course, the master educator will:a. identify materials and equipment.Student records must be properly maintained and current so that students will:b. receive relevant and timely feedback.The master educator has an unlimited supply of information on hand to utilize; this overwhelming amount of material must be:b. organized.When you create a confidential student profile, always follow school policies, those established by oversight agencies, and those established by the:d. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.When preparing your classroom environment and making necessary adjustments, consider:a. adult learner characteristics. b. the physical classroom. c. the seating arrangements. d. all the above. Answer: d.Before master educators begin the process of educating the learner, they will determine learner:a. characteristics.Adult learners want to apply what they've learned right away; they want information they can grasp and put into practical use; this is referred to as:c. relevance.The way information is presented will largely depend on the classroom demographics, which include:a. age. b. gender. c. ethnicity. d. all of the above. Answer: D.The leave blank space for this term of your class, which includes its size, acoustics, lighting, ventilation, windows, audiovisual aids, seating, and the heating and cooling controls, is termed:c. the physical environment.The master educator will have arrived early and fully prepared the classroom according to the day's learning activities; this conveys to the learner that:a. participation is expected and encouraged.Researchers have determined that pale yellow and almond are the best colors for not irritating anyone; the best color for relaxing us and causing the brain to secrete tranquilizing hormones is:a. green.A seating arrangement effective for small classes up to about 15 people and suitable for lectures, discussions, role-playing, and case studies, but not suitable for visual aid presentation is the:c. U-shape arrangement.Master educators who adapt the arrangement of their classroom to the style most appropriate for the objectives of the lesson will:c. create interest and reduce monotony in the classroom.It is essential that the master educator know the proper storage of supplies and the proper disposal procedures set forth by the:a. Occupational Health and Safety Administration.Master educators will find the hours operation, required staff supervision, consumption of food or beverages, equipment check-out procedures, and equipment or supply replacement procedures in the school's:b. policies and procedures.Developing a sound orientation program is the best way to:a. prevent future withdrawals from the program.Students who receive federal financial assistance to subsidize the cost of their career education have specific regulations set forth by the:b. U.S. Department of Education.The seating arrangement that is most popular for learner-centered education and is used for lecture, demonstration, discussion, audiovisual aids, role-playing, group project activities, and more is the:a. half-rounds or crescents arrangement.By facilitating learning that involves students from various age groups working together, the master educator is:b. preparing graduates for the workforce.Help the student design an area to help them study that is:c. free of distraction.Studies have shown that the most successful students have a(n):a. organized and scheduled approach to study.Students must understand that the time they put into studies must:b. be their top priority.In the outside world things are not always fair; students must recognize that they need to be:c. realists.Encourage students to allow ample time to read and:c. comprehend material prior to testing.When reading and comprehending the testing material, have the students identify concepts and topics they understand and pay attention to:b. chapter summaries, main ideas, and headings.The formula for efficient and effective studying is to study:a. during peak performance time.Educators will explain to the learner that they must consider the complexity of a learning objective when they:c. assign time to task.When the student's motivation and Energy is low, that is the time to schedule:b. less important study tasks.In order to succeed it is best to make a list of the major events and amount of work to be accomplished in each subject, which involves:b. establishing a schedule.Daydreaming will inevitably occur from the to time; rather than letting it continue:d. physically stand up; that will bring your thinking back to the task you started.When your mind wanders and you get distracted, you should:a. write things down and return to your studies.Whenever you are studying , explain to others that this is the time you have scheduled for study and that you:c. expect respect from others.The master educator will help students learn to relax because some students may suffer from:b. book anxiety .Master educators will teach learners to remember that courage is not the absence of fear, it is:d. taking action in the face of it.Learners can take action and avoid barriers to learning by:a. avoiding failure behaviors.When the students believe that the educators don't like them and they are about to fail the program, they believe they may as well:c. skip town."Don't bother getting to know other students or establishing a relationship with any of the educators " is the attitude of the student with failure behavior of:c. skipping relationships.When students are constructing study groups the master educator can offer these recommendations:b. seek diversity of experience, but demand common dedication.Before learners take a test they should:c. begin to get mentally and physically ready; develop a positive attitude.When teaching your learners to take tests that contain multiple-choice questions, advise them to:a. look for the best answer; more than one choice may be true.When students work on essay questions, teach them to:b. brainstorm before beginning to write response.The master educator will become knowledgeable in a variety of learning profiles and models as well as the use:b. multiple intelligences.It is believed that 75 percent of the teachers today present material in a manner that is:b. analytical.Research tells us that we must integrate teaching strategies that meet the needs of more multicultural student body with a variety of:a. learning styles.Those learners who process information through what they see are referred to as:c. visual learners.Learners who like to process Information through what they hear and also like to talk things through are known as:b. auditory learners.Processing information by the physical experience of doing and touching and manipulating things for themselves is preferred by the:d. kinesthetic learner.When students process and understand the information and how the task is performed, they have attained:c. assimilation .Mastery of information or of a task comes only with:b. repetition.Learners who enjoy self-assessment, reflection, and planning and have the ability to understand their own behavior and feelings have:b. intrapersonal intelligence.The people-wise ability to relate to others , noticing their moods, motivations, and feelings, is known as:c. interpersonal intelligence.The student who demonstrates the ability to comprehend and create meaningful sounds and has an appreciation for and ability to keep rhythm possesses:a. musical/rhythmic intelligence.Teaching activities for the visual/spatial learner include:c. making mobiles.Activities best suited for the bodily/kinesthetic learner include:a. practicing skills applications.The student with interpersonal intelligence will find this teaching activity beneficial:b. team presentations.Students with musical/rhythmic intelligence would benefit from:c. putting vocabulary to music.When studying, the naturalist learner should:a. study outdoors when practical and not distracting.Educators who are fully equipped with the knowledge of their students' intelligence preferences and learning styles will have the ability to:a. extend their bag of tricks with creative ideas and good lessons to make all students succeed. b. be creative with lesson plans and facilitate to a greater degree the success of all students. c. enlarge our teaching strategies to encompass all intelligences and help make all students successful. d. all the above. Answer : DAs long as the brain is still functioning, it is understood that there is no age limit for an individual to develop in:a. Interpersonal intelligence.In every class of adult education we should try to focus on at least:D. three to four intelligences.A teaching method represents the manner in which the educator uses the material and resources available to produce or achieve:c. desired educational objectives.For the teaching method to have meaning it must be appropriate for the:c. desired educational objectives.A discourse or formal presentation given before a group of learners especially for the purpose of instruction is referred to as a:c. lecture.When the learner plays the part of a particular position such as a practitioner, manager, or educator, this is termed:c. position role-playing.Research indicates that people can retain in their short-term memory an average of:c. seven bits of information with a variation of two on the plus or minus side.Upon return from a scheduled field trip, the master educator will organize a(n):a. review of the event. b. in-depth discussion of the field trip. c. evaluation of the field trip. d. all of the above. Answer: DBefore inviting any guest speaker, a master educator will:a. lay the ground rules for the speaker's presentation.Another type of hands-on experience that can be very effective in helping students develop problem-solving skills , and where they can apply the underlying theories of a subject and integrate them with practice and action, is the:a. project.Master educators know the effectiveness of workbooks, but may choose:d. not to assign every single page of the workbook for completion.When an educator develops a case study project it must be sufficiently challenging and also:a. related to the lesson objective. b. a worthy problem that can be solved. c. depot interesting situations. d. all of the above. Answer: DAn operation or procedure that is carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect or result or to illustrate a known effect or law is known as a(n):c. experimentThe master educator will use humor in the classroom:a. to emphasize a point.As an educator it is important to be able to :c. communicate effectively to your learners.Information that we send through gestures and facial expressions is referred to as:a. nonverbal communication.For communication to be effective the communication cycle must be completed; when the desired result is achieved we can say it has been properly:c. decoded.A barrier to communication that could include room temperature, distracting activities and movement, and distracting side conversation is referred to as a(n):a. physical barrier.When learning disabilities cause the inability to concentrate or focus on the content being discussed, this referred to as a(n):b. mental barrier.Clarity of speech, which greatly impacts the effectiveness of our communication, is referred to as:a. articulationPeople who are guarded in their interactions with others and choose to deflect attention from themselves by asking questions of the communicator are referred to as:d. thinkers.The touchy, warm, and outgoing person who is also assertive and given to forthright expression, often telling you about accomplishments, is referred to as the:a. seller.These communicators are usually warm and friendly in their interactions and less concerned about themselves than about the receivers:b. relaters.These communicators do not hesitate to express their expectations clearly, score high in the self-control department, and do not reveal much about their inner selves:a. achievers.When communicating with others, to make sure you completely understand what they have said:d. paraphrase and repeat information back to them.The first step in making meaningful communication possible is:a. behaving in a professional manner.Learning to speak properly will give you great:c. self-confidence and respectGossiping with others about someone never resolves a problem; do whatever you can to not get drawn into the conflict and:b. remain neutral.