He WORD and then won 15,000 dollars on the LA Lakers basketball team winning the championship game.
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Dry summers and WORD lead to water shortages, and therefore famine, when the crops die.droughtsBecause the roads, bridges, and tunnels are crumbling, we need to push for a radical updating of our WORD.infrastructureThe potential for future WORD in the cost of electricity from solar energy will probably be from $1 a minute to about 80 cents a minute.reductionsThe chocolate factory was just west of a cacao-rich WORD.rainforestA very high company WORD said that they would close the business later this year.executiveThe WORD of the university decided that half of the students should take remote classes in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirusadministrationArchaeologists found the remains of an early WORD north of Tokyo. It seems to be at least 1000 years old, with many signs of people living there at that time.settlementJackie Chan is a WORD of kung-fu, often rising before sunset in order to begin his practice.practitionerYou can not used olive oil after the first pressing...it must go through many stages of WORD before you can actually eat it.refinementIn his WORD, the witness proved that the prosecution's experts were wrong.testimony