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  1. ___ is controlled by the photographer adjusting the size of the lens aperture.
  2. A normal (or standard) focal length lens approximates what?
  3. True or false - a tonal correction can be accomplished by using a hue/saturation adjustment layer
  4. Which of the following terms describes the importing of your captured images from a camera into a computer so that you can digitally manipulate them?

    Bit depth
  5. What is the best tape to use for hinge mounting a print?
  1. a The impression of human visual perspective
  2. b False.
  3. c downloading
  4. d Archival gummed or Tyvek Tape
  5. e Exposure

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  1. Locate the horizon line toward the bottom of the frame.
    pg. 360
  2. Eastman
  3. A few days
  4. Contrast
  5. photoflood

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  1. A technique used to correct imperfections such as scratches and dust marks on finished prints is called:

    dry mounting
    local reduction


  2. In a 2:1 ratio, the shadow side of the subject would meter at X stop(s) less than the highlight sidefactor of 2 = 1 stop compensation. (Each time a factor doubles, it's one additional stop)


  3. 26. A chromogenic emulsion is one that contains ____ as well as ____FL or CC30M


  4. Bit depth refers to:

    the number of pixels per inch
    the capacity of a memory card
    the total number of pixels in an image
    the amount of information contained in each pixel


  5. To control the horizontal placement of a subject within the frame without affecting any other aspect of the scene you would most likely employ:

    rise and fall
    Broad lighting