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  1. A two-part work of art is called a(n):

    image transfer
  2. Dye-based inks are more vibrant than pigment-based inks, but unfortunately they have one important flaw when compared with pigment-based inks. What is it?

    Profiles are not created for dye-based inks.
    They are more expensive.
    They fade more quickly.
    They cannot be used on glossy paper.
  3. What kind of film can help reduce haze in a landscape?
  4. The adjustable diaphragm which is made of metal blades that determines the amount of light entering the camera is called:

    the shutter
    the viewfinder
    lens aperture
    reflex mirror
  5. A color image with smooth gradations requires at least what bit depth?
  1. a lens aperture
    pg. 24
  2. b diptych
  3. c They fade more quickly
  4. d 24 bits per pixel (8 per color), which gives 16,777,216 colors
  5. e Infrared

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  1. color and brightness
  2. A flatbed scanner.
  3. To strike the side of the face away from the camera.
  4. brightness levels
  5. The entire range of colors that can be seen, reproduced, or captured. Our eyes have a greater gamut than a print or monitor.

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  1. The length of time that light strikes a light-sensitive surface when making an exposure is controlled by the:

    -lens elements
    pg. 4


  2. Daylight film in Fluorescent use either?activity motion


  3. How much resolution do you need for: Internet? Newspaper? Photographic print? Glossy magazine?Black (0)


  4. 60. Fixer is also called_________.Hypo


  5. A magic wand tool is used for what?The brightness values of all the pixels in an image illustrated as a graph numbering from 0 to 255.