Syntax 모의고사 정리(1)

Fred saw the plane flying over Zurich.
They are looking for teachers of French, German, and Japanese.
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1) 'He has fallen and broken his leg.' : The preceding sentence (He was walking down some steps) sets a specific past point in time at which his falling and breaking his leg occurred, so the past simple is correct.

2) 'He had lots of accident, you know.' : In the given context, he has had a number of similar accidents up to now and, probably more in the future, so the present perfect is correct.
The ghostwriter writes better than the editor does. It upset him that Steve had been envious of Mary. This business does not pay. The river ran dry. John overate them. The total damages amount two thousand dollars.-The verbs 'overeat' and 'amount' are intransitive verb, so they cannot assign case to the following NP 'them' and 'two thousand dollars.' -With the Case Filter we can account for the different behaviors of NPs and Clauses, because NPs require Case(that is, they must be assigned Case) but Clauses do not.