MD 3강

A smooth, dry surface helps the tiles adhere to the wall.
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The clouds *adumbrate* the moon.어둡게[그늘지게] 하다an *adventitious* event/situation우연한, 우발적인Her business empire brought her wealth beyond the dreams of *avarice*.탐욕an *avid* supporter of the arts탐내는; 열렬한She was completely *baffled* by his strange behavior.당황하게 하다a *balmy* summer evening온화한; 향기로운He just sat there making *banal* remarks all evening.진부한He sought to remove his children from the *baneful* influences of the city.해로운He was *banished* to an uninhabited island for a year.추방하다He considered himself a master of witty *banter*.희롱, 농담He stood around *bantering* with his colleagues.희롱하다, 놀리다religious/racial *bigotry*편협(완고)(함)*blaspheme* the name of God모독하다a *blatant* lie뻔한, 명백한The house stands on a *bleak*, windswept hilltop.적막한; 황량한