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advert to the need for caution
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The seven companies have an *aggregate* turnover of £5.2 million.합계의, 총합의*aggregate* rare records모으다The money collected will *aggregate* $1,000.합계가 ~이 되다Years later, this unfairness still *aggrieves* him.~에게 고통을 주다, 괴롭히다He *alluded* to problems with the new computers.언급하다, 암시하다an *alluvial* plain충적의Foreign aid is badly needed to *ameliorate* the effects of the drought.개선시키다, 좋아지다She might be more *amenable* to the idea if you explained how much money it would save.기꺼이 따르는, 유순한People living in a country are *amenable* to its law.따라야 할, 지켜야 할data *amenable* to scientific analysis평가할 수 있는I'll be *blunt* - that last piece of work you did was terrible.퉁명스러운, 무뚝뚝한*boisterous* children명랑하고 떠들썩한More money is needed to *bolster* the industry.받치다, 지지하다a *bombastic* statement과장된It was an act of *bravado* that made him ask his boss to resign.허세a drunken *brawl*말다툼*brazen* cheating오만한; 뻔뻔한He was sued for *breach* of contract.어김, 위반a *brisk* walk활발한, 빠른The cat's fur *bristled* and it arched its back.(털이) 곤두서다She *bristled* at the suggestion that she had in any way neglected the child.격분하다As you get older your bones become increasingly *brittle*.깨지기 쉬운