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I've been asked to arbitrate between the opposing sides.
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He *avowed* that he regretted what he had done.공언하다, 인정하다Their forces *capitulated* five hours after the bombardment of the city began.항복하다The $300 million palace was built to satisfy the *caprice* of one man.변덕A huge wave *capsized* the yacht.뒤집다, 뒤집히다the most *captious* critic흠잡는, 트집잡는a matter of *cardinal* importance주요한have a *carping* tongue흠잡는, 트집잡는appreciate the beauty of many *cascades*폭포Health inspectors *castigated* the kitchen staff for poor standards of cleanliness.징계하다; 혹평하다a *cathartic* experience정화의a *caustic* substance부식성의*caustic* comments신랄한Hong Kong was *ceded* to Britain after the Opium War.양도하다His dishonest behavior came under severe *censure*.비난Ministers were *censured* for their lack of decisiveness during the crisis.비난하다