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Eva was adamant that she would not come.
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He was a cold man, *aloof* and distant.내성적인The Emperor *kept himself aloof* from the people.관여하지 않다, 관심이 없다The opposition party looked *askance* at most of the government's proposed policies.비스듬히, 곁눈질로; 의심스런 눈으로All my plans for the party had gone *awry*.잘못되어; 비틀려서, 구부러져She rushed out, her hair *awry*.정돈되지 않은a growing *antipathy* towards the idea혐오, 반감Use *antiseptic* to clean and dress cuts.방부제(의)Mexico called for an immediate *cessation* of hostilities.정지To her *chagrin*, neither of her sons became doctors.분함, 원통함He knows nothing about medicine—he's a complete *charlatan*.아는 체하는 사람be *chary* of strangers조심하는Suddenly a huge *chasm* opened in the earth.갈라진 틈to remain *chaste*정숙한He felt suitably *chastened* and apologized.벌하다, 단련시키다; 지나치지 않게 하다guilty of *chicanery* in freeing one's client속임수His wife gently *chided* him.꾸짖다He was a *choleric*, self-important little man.화를 잘 내는The children *clambered* up the steep bank.기어오르다The candidate reacted with a *clamorous* condemnation of the opponents.시끄러운, 소란스러운