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They were unaware of the fate that was to befall them.
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She *berated* herself for being a bad mother.호되게 꾸짖다The ceremony was an ordeal for those who had been recently *bereaved*.빼앗다, 읽게 하다Let him go, I *beseech* you!간절히 원하다, 요청하다The team was *beset* by injury all season.(어려움 따위가) 따르다, 괴롭히다Paris was *besieged* for four months and forced to surrender.~을 포위하다, 공격하다The actress was *besieged* by reporters at the airport.퍼붓다, 괴롭히다his arms outstretched in *benediction*기도, 축복the *beneficent* powers of Nature선행을 베푸는, 자비로운belief in the existence of a *benevolent* god자비로운, 인정 많은You would never have guessed his intentions from the *benign* expression on his face.상냥한, 온화한The industry's environmental impact is relatively *benign*, even positive.유리한, 양호한a *clandestine* meeting/relationship비밀의She *cleaved* his skull (in two) with an axe.쪼개다His lawyers appealed for *clemency* on the grounds of ill health.관대(함)The club is dominated by a small *clique* of intellectuals.파벌The narrow streets were *clogged* with traffic.움직임을 방해하다; 막히게 하다The 12th century church and *cloisters* remain surprisingly intact.수도원 (생활)She *coaxed* the horse into coming a little closer.감언으로 ~하게 하다a *comely* face(용모가) 아름다운In rural areas, the *corollary* of increased car ownership has been a rapid decline in the provision of public transport.결론, 결과He is a short, somewhat *corpulent*, man.뚱뚱한a *covetous* man of increase탐욕스러운; 열망하는She gave me a *coy* smile.수줍어하는cry *craven*겁 많은, 비겁한