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The two parties have formed a coalition.
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to *collate* data/information/figures대조하다We had put our house up as *collateral* for our bank loan.담보물*collateral* benefits간접적인, 부수적인As he fell, his head *collided* with the table.충돌하다They regularly *collide* over policy decisions.일치하지 않다, 상충되다Several people had *colluded* in the murder.공모하다, 결탁하다The soldiers had *commandeered* the farm and the villa five months ago.징발하다The meeting is scheduled to *commence* at noon.시작하다, 개시하다His designs were highly *commended* by the judges.칭찬하다We *commend* her soul to God.맡기다, 위탁하다Salary will be *commensurate* with experience.~에 상응하는, 적당한She *commiserated* with the losers on their defeat.동정하다, 가엾게 여기다a gun battle which *culminated* in the death of two police officers절정에 이르다The accident was the result of a *culpable* failure to consider the risks involved.비난할 만한a *cursory* glance/examination/inspection대충의