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  1. Prostacyclins
  2. Enkephalin
  3. Thymulin
  4. Renin
  5. Lipotropin
  1. a chiefly prevents formation of the platelet plug in hemostasis (part of blood clotting); it does this by inhibiting platelet activation; antagonist to thromboxanes
  2. b an innate brain and spinal cord endorphin that blocks pain signals (opioid)
  3. c promotes the utilization of fat by the body and is a precursor to the endorphins
  4. d enzyme that is produced by the kidney; important for blood pressure and volume regulation; catalyzes the conversion of circulating angiotensinogen to angiotensin I
  5. e involved in T-cell differentiation and enhancement of T and natural killer cell actions

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  1. The chief estrogen, females produce more than males, develops and maintains female secondary sex characteristics, important roles in menstruation and pregnancy
  2. antagonist to inhibin: enhances FSH biosynthesis and secretion, and participates in the regulation of the menstrual cycle
  3. Function not well understood, affects nuclear architecture, two receptors specific to __________ have been found on human T-cells
  4. circulates in blood plasma and directly stimulates bone and cartilage growth
  5. Hormone produced by the pancreas that is released when stimulated by elevated glucose levels. This hormone decreases blood sugar levels by accelerating the transport of glucose into the body cells where it is oxidized for energy or converted to glycogen or fat for storage.

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  1. Estriola naturally occurring weak estrogenic hormone secreted by the mammalian ovary


  2. Glucagona hunger-arousing hormone secreted by an empty stomach


  3. ThyroxineProduced by the thymus gland during childhood, this hormone stimulates T-lymphocyte development and differentiation.


  4. ProgesteroneOne of the hormones produced by the ovaries. It works with estrogen to control the menstrual cycle. Also secreted to prepare and sustain the endometrium of the uterus for pregnancy


  5. Anti-mullerian HormoneWOMEN: regulates estrogen secretion and ovum development; MEN: testosterone production