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  1. Superfluous
  2. Adulation
  3. Exemplary
  4. Aggregate
  5. Scrupulous
  1. a Serving as a model; outstanding
  2. b Total
  3. c Flattery; admiration
  4. d Conscientious; extremely thorough
  5. e Unnecessary; excessive; overabundant

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  1. Picture made of colorful small inlaid tiles; something that resembles a mosaic
  2. Mocking; characterized by ironic; sarcastic, caustic wit to attack or expose folly
  3. Frighten
  4. State if being at rest; dormancy; temporary inactivity
  5. Wandering away from the subject

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  1. VirulentExtremely poisonous; hostile; bitter


  2. DiscloseArouse to action


  3. ElegyPoem or song expressing lamentation


  4. DiscriminatingAble to see the difference


  5. ServileContradict; give a false impression