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  1. Ambivalence
  2. Ascendancy
  3. Scrutinize
  4. Ironic
  5. Fanaticism
  1. a The state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes
  2. b Excessive zeal; extreme devotion to a belief or cause
  3. c Controlling influence; domination
  4. d Examine closely and critically
  5. e Resulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome

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  1. Pacify; conciliate
  2. Narrow-mindiness; isolation
  3. Rave; talk excitedly; scold; make a grandiloquent speech
  4. Ostentatious; pompous; making unjustified claims; overly ambitious
  5. Indistinct; not easily understood

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  1. AffableEasily approachable; warmly friendly


  2. HyperboleExaggeration; overstatement


  3. DigressionWandering away from the subject


  4. RhetoricalPertaining to effective communication; insincere in language; characterized by overly elaborate, bombastic language


  5. ProfusionOverabundance; lavish expenditure; excess


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