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  1. lung cancer
  2. trachea
  3. bronchodilator
  4. syr
  5. laryngectomy
  1. a the tube located directly in front of the esophagus that extends from the neck to the chest; the windpipe
  2. b the surgical removal of the larynx
  3. c syrup
  4. d a condition in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the lung
  5. e a medication that expands the opening of the passages into the lungs

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  1. Venous Blood
  2. Chronic enlargement of bronchi or bronchioles resulting from an earlier lung infection that was not cured.
  3. Acute respiratory distress syndrome.
  4. among the terms used to describe the common cold; can be caused by any one of 200 different viruses
  5. after

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  1. internal respirationa pattern of alternating periods of hypopnea or apnea, followed by hyperpnea


  2. VCPulmonary embolism.


  3. aspiration pneumoniaa condition of having below-normal oxygen level in the blood


  4. external respirationthe act of bringing air into and out of the lungs and exchanging gases from this air


  5. anoxiaThe absence of oxygen from the body/es gases, blood, or tissues.