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  1. dil
  2. laryngoscopy
  3. epistaxis
  4. pulmonary function tests
  5. s
  1. a dilute
  2. b the visual examination of the larynx using a laryngoscope
  3. c a group of tests that measure volume and flow of air by utilizing a spirometer
  4. d bleeding from the nose that is usually caused by an injury, excessive use of blood thinners, or bleeding disorders; also known as a nosebleed
  5. e Without

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  1. the surgical removal of part of the pleura
  2. an apparatus for administering artificial respiration in cases of respiratory failure
  3. the surgical repair of the trachea
  4. Genetic disorder in which the lungs are clogged with large amounts of abnormally thick mucus.
  5. Every Other Hour

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  1. endotracheal intubationthe passage of a tube through the nose or mouth into the trachea to establish or maintain an open airway


  2. nebulizerMedical equipment that dispenses doses of medication in the form of a mist.


  3. upper respiratory infectionsamong the terms used to describe the common cold; can be caused by any one of 200 different viruses


  4. nocCarbon dioxide.


  5. hemoptysisSpitting of blood or bloodstained sputum derived from the lungs or bronchial tubes as the result of a pulmonary or bronchial hemorrhage.


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