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  1. Q (No Dot)
  2. Raw
  3. phrenic nerves
  4. q.i.d
  5. AFB
  1. a Acid-fast bacillus.
  2. b Resistance (Airway)
  3. c stimulate the diaphragm and cause it to contract
  4. d four times a day
  5. e Blood Volume

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  1. air-filled cavities lined with mucous membrane, located in the bones of the skull
  2. Spitting of blood or bloodstained sputum derived from the lungs or bronchial tubes as the result of a pulmonary or bronchial hemorrhage.
  3. consists of the nose, mouth, pharynx, epiglottis, larynx, and trachea
  4. an inflammation of the pleura that produces sharp chest pain with each breath
  5. Accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity.

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  1. PEPPositive end-expiratory pressure.


  2. CTPAContinuous positive airway pressure.


  3. ad lib.Right Lower Lobe


  4. dyspneaeasy or normal breathing


  5. oropharynxthe throat; receives the air after it passes through the nose