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  1. histamine
  2. adeniodectomy
  3. Fovea centralis of the Macula lutea
  4. Cones
  5. The Atmosphere is composed of 4 gases, what are they?
  1. a compound in the body that is released by injured cells in allergic reactions, inflammation,etc., causing constriction of bronchial smooth muscle, dilaton of blood vessels
  2. b N2, O2, AR, CO2
  3. c Photoreceptors for sharp, color sensation are
  4. d excision of the adenoids
  5. e The area on the retina with the greatest concentration of cones is the _____________of the_______________

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  1. Emerson "hot pot."
  2. high-pitched, musical sounds heard on auscultation of the lung as air flows through a narrowed airway- occurs in disorders such as asthma or emphysema
  3. He/O2
  4. Name a special sense that use photo receptors.
  5. methylxanthines

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  1. What provides a controlled O2 environment for an infant?< 60mmHg


  2. Spirometryremnants of spinous and transverse processes


  3. PleuraName the auditory ossicle located between the malleus and stapes


  4. How many ml's of O2 will dissolve in 1 ml of blood at 37* C and 760 mmHg?0.023 ml's


  5. What relative humidity % is delivered by a Wick Humidifier?100%