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  1. pneumocystis pneumonia
  2. What agency sets standards and safty guidelines for compressed gas?
  3. pneumocytes
  4. T/F. One of the body's first responces to hypoxemia is to increase the rate and depth of respirations?
  5. What device delivers O2 at pressures greater than 1 atmosphere?
  1. a pneumonia caused by the Pneumocystis carinii organism- a common opportunictic infection sen in those with postive human immunodeficiency
  2. b Hyperbaric chamber.
  3. c alveolar lining
  4. d True.
  5. e CGA

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  1. Foramen magnum contained here
  2. portion of pulmonary function testing that is a direct measurement of lung volume and capacity
  3. .36
  4. accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity
  5. (cuboidal) produce surfactant

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  1. _____________Provide constant concentrations of O2 by meeting or exceeding patients flow requirements?Helps maintain a neutral thermal environment.


  2. otolaryngologistSpecializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, and throat.


  3. What must be carefully controlled when using an Oxyhood with an infant?1.6


  4. Percussionexcessive level of carbon dioxide in the blood


  5. What is in a Black cylinder?Nitrogen