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  1. lungs
  2. Hyperventilation
  3. uvula
  4. lumbar
  5. visceral pleurae
  1. a small projection hanging from the back middle edge of the soft palate, named for its grape-like shape
  2. b lungs encased here
  3. c excessive movement of air in and out of the lungs causing hypocapnia
  4. d 1) increase size 2) creates negative air pressure in lungs 3)air flows in to equalize pressure 4) air pressure in lungs becomes positive 5) air moves out to equalize pressure
  5. e L1-L5, lower back

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  1. functional tissues of any organ such as the tissues of the bronchioles, alveoli, ducts, and sacs that perform respiration
  2. Scientific name for bone shaft
  3. A condition of having below normal oxygen level in the blood.
  4. lung
  5. density on an x-ray representing solid material within the air spaces of the lungs, usually indicating inflammatory changes

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  1. tonsilsPhotoreceptors for low light stimulations are


  2. corpusmiddle of sternum, articulation points for chondral portions of ribs 2-10


  3. tracheatrachea (windpipe)


  4. Saccule and utricleName the two parts of the vestibule that has receptors for static equilibrium


  5. TemporalsMiddle ear found here