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  1. anticoagulant
  2. Define cohesion
  3. frontal
  4. pulmonary angiography
  5. innermost intercostals
  1. a Attraction between like molecules
  2. b drug that dissolves, or prevent the formation of, thrombi or emboli in the blood vessels
  3. c depress ribs 1-11, pull ribs down
  4. d x-ray of the blood vessels of the lungs after injection of contrast material
  5. e the face or front of a building

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  1. CGA
  2. examination of a body cavity with a flexible endoscope to examine within for diagnostic or treatment purposes
  3. bronchus (airway)
  4. To provide a cool mist and O2 enrichment.
  5. mast cell stabilizers

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  1. laryngospasmspasm of laryngeal muscles causing constriction


  2. Name 6 medical gases that support combustion.Fire O2 toxicity, Barotrauma.


  3. pharyngitisthroat; passageway for food to the esophagus and air to the larynx


  4. larynxvoice box; passageway for air moving from pharynx to trachea; contains vocal cords


  5. What device measures actual flow, used with low gas pressure source?Thorpe Tube