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  1. heart, esophagus, nerves, blood vessels
  2. rhinorrhea
  3. empyema
  4. T/F. Large volume aerosol generators allow for adjustment of air entrainment that determines the delivered FIO2?
  5. orthopnea
  1. a True.
  2. b thin, watery discharge from the nose
  3. c ability to breathe only in an upright position
  4. d accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity.
  5. e mediastinum

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  1. part of the pharynx directly behind the nasal passages
  2. condition limiting the intake of air into the lungs
  3. lower respiratory tract
  4. DOT
  5. Surgical removal of all or part of a lung.

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  1. mucous membranesthin sheets of tissue that line the respiratory passages and secrete mucus, a viscid (sticky) fluid


  2. Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR)measure of the fastest flow of exhaled air after maximal inspiration


  3. Dysphoniahoarseness


  4. What FIO2 can a Nonrebreather deliver to the patient?40-50%


  5. levatores costarum-longis(lift ribs long) elevate ribs 9-12