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  1. Lacrimals
  2. hyperventilation
  3. How much Oxygen can be stored in a Bulk Reservoir?
  4. peak flow (PF) peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR)
  5. hemothorax
  1. a excessive movement of air in and out of the lungs causing hypocapnia
  2. b Accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity.
  3. c 13,000 Cubic feet of gas
  4. d Tiny bones, bearing tear ducts
  5. e measure of the fastest flow of exhaled air aftera maximal inspiration

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  1. 14 levels (2 lobes)
  2. excessive level of carbon dioxide in the blood
  3. Medical equipment that dispenses doses of medication in the form of a mist.
  4. carbon dioxide
  5. windpipe; passageway of air from the larynx to the area of carina where it splits into the right and left bronchus

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  1. A simple mask at 10 LPM delivers what % of O2 delivered?.44


  2. hypoxemiaProgressive loss of lung function due to a decrease in the total number of alveoli, the enlargement of the remaining alveoli, and then the progressive destruction of their walls.


  3. Give the most popular device used in Respiratory Care that is considered a High Flow Device.Venturi Mask.


  4. coccygeal3-4, fused=coccyx(vestigial tail


  5. Hypoxemiadeficient amount of oxygen in the blood


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