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  1. bronchiol/o
  2. What guage actually measures pressure but also records flow?
  3. atelectasis
  4. What type of barometer indicates the downward force of Atmospheric pressure by the height of the column?
  5. hypoventilation
  1. a Mercury
  2. b Bourdon
  3. c deficient movement of air in and out of the lungs causing hypercapnia
  4. d bronchiole (little airway)
  5. e Condition in which the lung fails to expand because air cannot pass beyond the bronchioles that are blocked by secretions.

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  1. O2 Hood.
  2. remnants of spinous and transverse processes
  3. superior surface of the manubrium sterni
  4. The vitreous humor is located in the
  5. Abnormally rapid rate of respiration, usually of more than 20 breaths per minute.

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  1. visceral thoraxair passages/lungs


  2. VisionBridge of nose


  3. incentive spirometryMedication administered to prevent, or relieve coughing.


  4. EpiphysisScientific name for bone shaft


  5. What FIO2 can a Partial rebreather deliver to the patient?35-60%