We're building great learning tools
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Our mission

We believe learning is more powerful when it’s a shared experience—connecting with others learning the same thing. Quizlet is a place where everyone can share knowledge in any subject, at any level and gain confidence as a learner. All the content in Quizlet is created by our users and 87% share what they create or study.

Quizlet was started 10 years ago when Andrew Sutherland created a tool to help him study for a high-school French vocabulary quiz. He aced the test, so his friends asked him if they could use the tool too. Quizlet has grown as a learning platform a lot since then…

  • 2 billion study sessions viewed
  • 125 million user-generated study sets
  • 40 million users every month
  • 1 in every 4 high school students in the U.S. uses Quizlet daily

We build tools everyone can use

The best study tools should work for any curriculum, any level user, any teacher or student, anywhere in the world. We listen obsessively to our users, reading thousands of suggestion emails a week and doing everything we can to improve Quizlet. Our engineers visit classrooms regularly, and everyone on the Quizlet team talks to students and teachers to see Quizlet in action.

We work hard to make everything easy and engaging because we believe learning only happens if people want to make the time. Learning needs to be fun.

We help medical students learn anatomy, Spanish students learn verbs, US diplomats prepare for language exams, Whole Foods employees learn vegetable codes, and ski school instructors pass their certifications. We've had users start with us as high school students, then go on to become teachers and bring Quizlet back to their students. We're here for lifelong education.

We're just getting started

Our tools are designed for the digital age, not just replacing paper predecessors (flashcards, matching games, etc), but using the best of new mobile and audio technologies to create new kinds of learning tools and games. And beyond tools for practice and recall, we've also added tools that focus on longer term learning and mastery for every level learner.

Quizlet is also backed by some of the best in the business. Its investors include: Union Square Ventures (USV), Costanoa Ventures, Owl Ventures and Altos Ventures.

Want to join us?

If you're a student, sign up for a free Quizlet account and check out our study tools. If you're a teacher or educator, check out our free tools and also our Quizlet teacher subscription with additional tools for using Quizlet in the classroom. If you're a developer, designer, or product person and want to wake up every morning making a difference in millions of people's ability to learn, check out our jobs page.

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