(Week 9) GEGA1000 Macao and Chinese Civilization

In what Chinese dynasty did Russia begin its massive expansion across Eurasia, reaching almost to the Pacific Ocean, while establishing outposts across the lower Siberian region up to the present Mongolian border?
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After establishing the Qing border with Russia north-east of Mongolia via the Treaty of Nerchinsk in 1689, what actions did Kiangxi take soon there after?

a. Re-instituted the Haijin ban on Ocean Trade

b. Launched a military campaign against San Wugui & the 3 Feudatories in Guangdong-Yunnan

c. Instituted Confucianism as the State Ideology of the Qing

d. Moved to control the Uighyrs by occupying Urumchi in East Turkestan

e. Launched a military campaign into Mongolia to control the Mongolians
The War of the Spanish Succession between 1700-1714 was triggered when Charles II, the last Habsburg ruler of the Spanish Empire, died without an heir. The battle for control over the huge Spanish empire then began between the French Bourbons under Louis XIV (the Sun King) and King Leopold of the HRE. With the French gaining an eventual victory in the war, control over the Portuguese mission to China swung from the HRE to the French Bourbons with what appears to have been a major and adverse change in the relationships of the Jesuits to the Qing Emperors. What controversial and adverse impact arose to European relations in China at the time of the Hapsburg defeat in the War of the Spanish Succession?

a. Dzungarians were able to defeat the Qing to control East Turkestan

b. France was able to get control of Cochin China

c. Britain was able to get the Kowloon Peninsula after defeating the Qing in the Second Opium War

d. Russia was able to acquire substantial territory in Manchuria due to the Treaty of Kiatkha

e. Chinese Rites Controversy resulted in Catholic Church prohibiting traditional Chinese ancestor worship for Chinese Catholics
Thirty years after the Treaty of Nerchinsk, the Qing and Russia again clarified the border between Eastern Mongolia and Russia's Siberia through the Treaty of Kiakhta, another treaty that was written in Russia, Latin and Manchu. Who was the Qing Emperor that oversaw the signing of this treaty?

a. Tong Zhi 同治
b. Qian Long 乾隆
c. Kangxi 康熙
d. Shunzhi 順治
e. Yongzheng Emperor 雍正
While the Qing Emperor Yongzheng signed the Qing's second international treaty, what did he undertake about the same time? The treaty defined the Russia-Qing border northeast of Mongolia at Kiakhta on a tributary to the Shilka River.

a. Launched a military expedition to control Eastern Turkestan (now Xinjiang)

b. Launched another expedition into Mongolia to control the Mongolian tribes

c. Permitted the establishment of the first western presence in Beijing since the Yuan Dynasty

d. Launched a major military campaign against the descendants of Wu Sangui in Southern China

e. Reclaimed Taiwan from diehard supporters of the Ming Dynasty
Which state began to develop into a major Asian power during the global war that is known as the Seven Years War between 1756-1763?

a. Japan with the Acquisition of Korea
b. France with the occupation of Indo-China
c. Britain with the defeat of France in India
d. USA with the defeat of Spain and acquisition of the Philippines
e. Russia with the defeat of the Turks in Western Turkestan
Britain's mission to Emperor Qian Long in the late summer of 1793 established high level contacts between Britain and the Qing, but it did not result in significant changes in the continuing deficit in goods that Britain was running with the Qing. While this trade problem would eventually grow to be a much bigger issue, beginning in 1793 Britain began focusing its attention on a more critical issue. What issue was Britain forced to contend with that would significantly distract its attention from its China trade? a. Consolidation of Germany into an imperial state which threatened to control all Europe b. Revolutionary unrest in Indian which threatened Britain as a colonial power in the Asian Subcontinent c. Independence of the USA which threatened Britain's position in Canada d. Russia's expansion across Asia, which threatened Britain's position in the Indian subcontinent e. Revolutionary & Napoleonic France which threatened to dominate EuropeRevolutionary & Napoleonic France which threatened to dominate EuropeWho was the key powerholder who was Secretary of War in the Napoleonic Conflict from 1807, and who presided over the 1st & 2nd Opium War (either as foreign minister or prime minister) that expanded and then legalized the opium trade into China? a. Henry John Temple, Lord Palmerston of Britain b. Napoleon III of France c. Dom Pedro V of Portugal d. Benjamin Disraeli of Britain e. Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria of BritainHenry John Temple, Lord Palmerston of Britain