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  1. If you're working with an automatic camera and you set the shutter speed and the camera sets the aperture, what mode are you working in?
  2. What color is opposite Red on the color wheel?
  3. If you must move to reduce the amount of flash reaching your subject, how far do you move?
  4. How can you change the brightness of the background when using flash?
  5. When mixed in varying proportion, the subtractive primary colors produce what?
  1. a All colors
  2. b Change the shutter speed. The longer the shutter speed, the lighter the background will be. The faster the shutter speed, the darker the background will be because less existing light is captured.
  3. c To create a 1-stop difference, multiply the original distance by 1.4. Example - if you were originally 5 feet away, a 1-stop difference would have you step back to 7 feet.
  4. d Shutter-priority
  5. e Cyan

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  1. 1) Magnification, or the size of the subject; 2) Angle of view
  2. Snoot
  3. A new layer
  4. The number of pixels per unit of length in a image
  5. Contrast

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  1. What kind of meter is built in to most cameras?Reflected light meter


  2. Instead of permanently altering your image when adjusting for color and value, what should you do?Use and adjustment layer


  3. What determines what will be a 'normal' focal length lens on a particular camera?Sensor size - the larger the sensor size, the longer the focal length of a normal lens. (Corresponds to a diagonal line across the frame)


  4. As the aperture is stopped down, what happens to depth of field?1) Use a longer lens; 2) Move closer to the subject


  5. A ring of thin, overlapping leaves located inside the lens is called what?A raster image


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