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  1. If an image is too cyan, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?
  2. If you must move to reduce the amount of flash reaching your subject, how far do you move?
  3. In a 2:1 ratio, the shadow side of the subject would meter at X stop(s) less than the highlight side
  4. Name 2 ways you can decrease depth of field
  5. What is the term used to describe human's change in perception of a color under different light sources?
  1. a 1) Use a longer lens; 2) Move closer to the subject
  2. b Add red
  3. c One stop less
  4. d To create a 1-stop difference, multiply the original distance by 1.4. Example - if you were originally 5 feet away, a 1-stop difference would have you step back to 7 feet.
  5. e Metamerism

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  1. factor of 2 = 1 stop compensation. (Each time a factor doubles, it's one additional stop)
  2. Depth of field
  3. Bit
  4. Follow focus
  5. 1-1/2 to 2 stops

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  1. Can you save layers in a JPEG file format?A RAW file that has been altered


  2. Doubling the aperture setting creates how many stops difference in the amount of light reaching the sensor?factor of 2 = 1 stop compensation. (Each time a factor doubles, it's one additional stop)


  3. Digital cameras use what set of primary colors?Subtractive primaries (plus black)


  4. The term "ISO speed" is used to describe what?Cyan


  5. When mixed in varying proportion, the subtractive primary colors produce what?All colors