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  1. Most lenses are sharpest closed down to how many stops from the widest?
  2. What is the term used to describe a sensor's sensitivity to light?
  3. What is the Rule of Two?
  4. A tall vertical line on the right hand edge of a histogram indicates what?
  5. What is a BIT?
  1. a The smallest unit of information consisting of either a 1 or a zero. It can only represent two possibilities - either yes or no, black or white.
  2. b Whenever you have two of something (i.e Body parts) put them on slightly different levels
  3. c 1 or 2, depending on the lens, could be 2 to 3.
  4. d ISO
  5. e Blown highlights

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  1. Bit
  2. Intensity (aperture) x Time (shutter)
  3. Black (0)
  4. Also called a gobo; it is a small panel usually mounted on a stand that shades some part of the subject or shields the lens from light that could cause flare
  5. Cyan

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  1. A filter with a factor of 2 requires how many stops of compensation?factor of 2 = 1 stop compensation. (Each time a factor doubles, it's one additional stop)


  2. Cyan is composed of equal parts of what two colors?Blue & Green


  3. As the aperture is stopped down, what happens to depth of field?It increases


  4. What color is between Magenta and Cyan on the color wheel?Blue


  5. This kind of meter is preferred by photographers working in a studio situation where lighting conditions can be alteredYellow