Harry Potter Spells

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DensaugeoMakes the target's teeth grow larger.DiffindoSplits objects in two.DissendiumOpens the door of a cellar.Engorgiomakes and object larger.Expecto PatronumCreates a patronus.ExpelliarmusDisarms and opponent.FerulaWraps an injured limb with bandages.FideliusHides a secret in a person's soul. * Very Powerful *Finite IncantatumEnds a spell that has been cast.FlipendoKnocks soemone backwards.FurnunculusMakes opponent break out in boils.HomorphusCauses a human in animal form to return to a human.ImmobulusImmobolizes the target.ImpedimentaSlows down someone or something heading towards you.ImperioAllows the caster to controls the opponent. * Unforgivable. *ImperviusWater-proofs an object..IncendioLights a fire.LegilimensAllows the user to looks at the opponents memories.Locomotor MortisLocks opponent's legs.LumosCreates light from the tip of the wand.MobiliarbusMoves a tree.MobilicorpusMoves a body.MorsmordreSummons the Dark Mark.NoxDouses a light.ObliviateErases memories of a person.OrchideousCreates flowers form the tip of a wand.Petrificus TotalusPetrifies an opponent.Point MeMakes a wand act like a compass.Prior IncantatoReveals the last spell a wand cast.ProtegoProtects the user.QuietusMakes a room or person quieter.ReducioMakes an item shrink.ReductoBlasts an object into pieces.RelashioCauses binging to be released.RennervateBrings a stunned person back to consciousness.ReparoRepairs a broken object.RictusempraMakes a perosn curl up from laughter, like they're being tickled.RiddikulusMakes a boggart assume a funny state.SectumsempraSlashes target repeatedly, like a sword would.SerpensortiaConjures a snake.SonorusAmplifies a speaker's voice.StupefyStupifies someone.TarantellegraMakes a peron's leg dance uncontrollably.WaddiwasiBlasts an object blocking something.Wingardium Leviosalevitates something.