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It helps direct the incident to the correct support area
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It acquires pre-approved service components to help fulfil service requestsHow does 'service request management' contribute to 'obtain/build' value chain activity?A service offeringA service provider describes a package that includes a laptop with software, licenses, and support. What is this package an example of?Clearly defined service outcomesWhat should be included in every service level agreement?The costs removed by the service, and the costs imposed by the serviceWhat are the two types of cost that a service consumer should evaluate?It can provice automated matching of incidents to problems or known errorsWhich is a benefit of using an IT service management tool to support incident management?Determine who the service consumer is in each situationWhat is the first step of the guiding principle 'focus on value'?Service deskWhich practice provides a single point of contact for users?A change that doesn't need risk assessment because the procedure has been pre-authorizedWhat is a standard change?Progess iteratively and with feedbackWhich guiding principle recommends organizing work into smaller, manageable sections that can be executed and completed in a timely manner?To ensure that the organization's suppliers and their perfomance are managed appropriately to support the provision of seamless, quality products and servicesWhat is the purpose of 'supplier management'?A guiding principle can guide an organization in all circumstancesWhich describes the nature of the guiding principles?Roles and responsibilitiesWhich is NOT a key focus of the 'information and technology' dimension?A change authority should be assigned for each type of change and change modelWhich statement about a change authority is CORRECT?Results for a stakeholderWhich describes outcomes?There should be a small team dedicated to leading continual improvement effortsWhich is a recommendation of the 'continual improvement' practice?Service level management and Change controlWhich practices are typically involved in the implementation of a problem resolution? 1. Continual improvement 2. Service request management 3. Service level management 4. Change controlValue streams and processesWhich service management dimension is focused on activities and how these are coordinated?Should have a practical understanding of the wider businessWhich is a recommendation of the 'service desk' practice?Select a few key methods to suit the types of improvement that the organization handlesHow should an organization adopt 'continual improvement' methods?EngageWhich value chain activity includes presenting workarounds to users via a service portal?Release managementWhich practice has the purpose of making new and changed services and features available for use?By initiating standard changes to fultil service requestsHow does 'service request management' contribute to 'design and transition' activity?PlanWhich value chain activity ensures people understand the organization's vision?Any change of state has significance for the management of a configuration item or IT serviceWhat is the definition of an event?IT assetWhat is defined as any valuable component that can contribute to the delivery of an IT product or service?Each activity contributes by transforming specific inputs into outputsWhich statement about the value chain activities is CORRECT?Using the fout dimensions of service management to ensure coordination of all aspects of an improvement initiativeWhich describes the principle 'think and work holistically'?Deployment managementWhich practice is responsible for moving components to live environments?Understand how each element contributes to value creationWhich is a key consideration for the guiding principle 'keep it simple and practical'?Detailed procedures for the diagnosis of incidentsWhich is NOT usually included as part of 'incident management'?Greater ability to focus on customer experience when personal contact is neededWhat is the effect of increased automation on the 'service desk' practice?UtilityWhich term describes the functionality offered by a service?To systematically observe services and service components, and record and report selected changes of stateWhich is the purpose of the 'monitoring and event management' practice?Accurate and carefully analyzed dataWhat should all 'continual improvement' decisions be based on?By using a combination of practicesHow do all value chain activities transform inputs to outputs?It captures information that metrics can be based on and It supports progress discussionsHow does customer engagement contribute to the 'service level management' practice? 1. It captures information that metrics can be based on 2. It ensures the organization meets defined service levels 3. It defines the workflows for service requests 4. It supports progress discussionsUnderstanding the vision and objectives of the organizationWhat is the starting point for optimization?Service value systemIdentify the missing words in the following sentence. The purpose of the [?] is to ensure that the organization continually co-creates value with all stakeholders in line with the organization's objectives.Service request managementWhich practice provides support for managing feedback, compliments and complaints from users?Service relationship managementWhich joint activity performed by a service provider and service consumer ensures continual value co-creation?Incident managementWhich practice may involve the initiation of disaster recovery?A standard changeWhat type of change is MOST likely to be managed by the 'service request management' practice?Collaborate and promote visibilityWhich guiding principle emphasizes the need to understand the flow of work in progress, identify bottlenecks, and uncover waste?A serviceWhat is a means of enabling value co-creation by facilitating outcomes that customers want to achieve?Should be assigned to each type of change and change modelWhich statement about change authorization is CORRECT?Organizations and peopleWhich dimension of service management considers governance, management, and communication?AnalyzedIdentify the missing word in the following sentence. A known error is a problem that has been [?] and has not been resolved.Is the status assigned to a problem after it has been analyzedWhich statement about known errors and problems is CORRECT?Processes and proceduresWhat does the 'service request management' practice depend on for maximum efficiency?It needs a practical understanding of the business processesWhich statement about the 'service desk' practice is CORRECT?Service configuration managementWhich practice ensures that accurate and reliable information is available about configuration items and the relationships between them?Incident managementWhich practice has a purpose that includes restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible?OutcomesIdentify the missing word in the following sentence. A customer is a person who defines the requirements for a service and takes responsibility for the [?] of service consumption.Progress iteratively with feedbackWhich guiding principle describes the importance of doing something, instead of spending a long time analyzing different options?It should be prioritized based on its potential impact and probabilityWhat should be done for every problem?Include details of their approach to service improvement in contractsHow should an organization include third-party suppliers in the continual improvement of services?Corporate culture of the organizationWhat considerations influence the supplier strategy of an organization?A cause or potential cause of one or more incidentsWhat is a problem?To establish and nurture the links between the organization and its stakeholders at strategic and tactical levelsWhat is the purpose of the 'relationship management' practice?The guiding principlesWhich is intended to help an organization adopt and adapt ITIL guidance?Something created by carrying out an activityWhat is an output?It provides an outcome-based view of serviceWhat is the reason for using a balanced bundle of service metrics?To ensure that incidents with the highest business impact are solved firstWhy should incidents be prioritized?IT asset managementWhich practice has a purpose that includes helping the organization to maximize value, control costs and manage risks?To help identify problemsWhy should service desk staff detect recurring issues?PlanWhich value chain activity communicates the current status of all four dimensions of service management?Focus on valueWhich guiding principle is PRIMARILY concerned with consumer's revenue and growth?Service level managementWhich practice provides visibility of the organization's services by capturing and reporting on service performance?The implementation of a security patch to a critical software applicationWhich is the BEST example of an emergency change?Start where you areWhich guiding principle recommends assessing the current state and deciding what can be reused?