Shang Han Lun

Tai yang wind attack channel pattern
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Tai yang blood accumulationT: reddish purple without coat P: deep, choppyYang ming channel patternHigh fever, profuse sweating, aversion to heat, intense thirst, red face, irritability, delirium.Yang ming channel patternT: red with yellow coat P: surging, rapidYang ming channel patternBai hu tangYang ming organ patternHigh fever w/ sweating on the limbs which is worse in the afternoon, profuse sweating, constipation, thirst with a desire for cold beverages, abdominal pain and distention, worse w/ pressure, dark urineYang ming organ patternT: red with thick dry yellow coat or black coat, or burnt yellow w/ thorns on side P: deep, excessYang ming organ patternDa cheng qi tang if pressure hurts, Severe constipation, blue green watery stool diarrhea or dry hard stool, no interior chills, or acute mania.Yang ming organ patternTiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang (should be Da Cheng)Shao yangAlternating fever and chills, hypochondriac pain, fullness, bitter taste, dry throat, blurred vision, anorexia, no thirst, irritability, vomitingShao yangT: thin white coat or maybe coating on only one side P: string-tautShao yangXiao chai hu tangTai yinNo appetite or thirst, tiredness, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain relieved by pressure, feeling of cold, no thirstTai yinT: pale w/ white coat or pale w/ sticky white coat P: weak, slow, deepTai yinLi zhong tangShao yin coldAversion to cold, lying curled up, listlessness w/ desire to sleep, cold limbs, watery diarrhea, clear and profuse urine, no thirst, hot drinksShao yin coldT: pale, thin white coat P: deep, weak, slow OR deep, threadyShao yin coldSi ni tangShao yin heatFever, irritability, insomnia, dry mouth and throat at night, scanty dark urine, night sweatingShao yin heat transformationT: red without coat OR red/deep-deep red P: fine, rapid OR rapid threadyShao yin heat transformationHuang lian e jiao tangJue yinThirst, vomiting, feeling of stream of air ascending, hot painful sensation in chest, cold limbs, hungry w/ no appetite, diarrhea, roundwormsJue yinP: wiry/string-tautJue yinWu mei wan