TCM 6 stages, 4 levels

The four levels are:
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Four Level are very similar in symptoms to Six stages Wei → Qi → Ying → Blood →Wei → Tai Yang Qi →Yang Ming Ying →Shao Yin Heat Blood →Jue Yin (similar to Ying level but more heat)Aversion to Cold, Sore Throat, Fever, slight sweating, HA, , Yellow runny noses, swollen tonsils, Body aches. T: Red(front or side) w/ thin white coat, P: Floating RapidWind Heat (Defensive Qi Level)Aversion to Cold, Irritability*, Fever, sweating, HA, Heavy Feeling, thirst, Epigastrium feel uncomfortable. T: Red (front or side) w/ thin white coat, P: Soggy+ RapidSummer Heat (Defensive Qi Level)Aversion to Cold (some case), Swollen glands, Fever (worst in afternoon), HA, Heavy Feeling, feel oppression of epigastrium, Body feel hot to touch, Sticky taste, thirst but no desire to drink. T: Sticky white coat, P: Soggy*Damp Heat (Defensive Qi Level)Dry Skin, Noses, Mouth and Throat, Dry cough, Sore throat, Fever, Slight aversion to cold & sweat. T: Dry w/ thin white coat, P: Floating RapidDry Heat (Defensive Qi Level)High fever, feeling of heat*, No adversion to cold*, thirst, cough w/ thin yellow sputum*, SOB, Sweating T: Red w/ yellow coat, P: Slippery RapidLung heat (Qi Level)(Similar to Bright Yang Channel pattern) fever* (worst in afternoon), feeling of heat*, Intense thirst and sweating*, No aversion to cold, Profuse sweat. T: Red w/ yellow coat, P: Overflowing + RapidStomach heat (Qi Level)High fever (higher in afternoon), constipation*, dry stools, burning anus, Abdomen fullness and pain, Irritability (similar to Yangming (Bright Yang) organ pattern) T: Red w/thick yellow dry coat, P: Deep full RapidIntestines Dry Heat (Qi Level)Alt Hot and cold feeling*, bitter taste, thirst, dry throat, Hypochondial pain, nausea T: red w/ unilateral sticky yellow coat, P: Wiry rapidGall Bladder Heat (Qi Level)Continuous fever (Decrease after sweating, but soon back up again) Feel heavy of Head and body, nausea, loose stool, Chest oppression. T: red w/ sticky yellow coat, P: Soggy RapidDamp Heat in ST and SP (Qi Level)*Mental Restlessness*, Insomnia*, Fever at night, Dry mouth/ no desired to drink, delirium, incoherent speech or aphasia, macules. T: red w/ no coat, P: Fine rapidHeat in Ying Level (Nutritive Qi Level)Body hot*, Cold hands and feet* (cuz intent stop Qi cir to hands), fever at night, mental confusion, Macules, incoherent speech. T: red w/ no coat, P: Fine rapidHeat in Pericardium (Nutritive Qi Level)Vomiting blood, Epistaxis, blood in stool & urine, High fever, mental restlessness, manic behaviour, Dark macules T: Dark Red w/no coat, P: Wiry RapidHeat Victorious moving Blood (Blood Level)High Fever, Fainting, Twitching of Limbs*, Convulsions*, Rigidty of Neck*, Opisthotonos, Clenching of teeth* T: Dark Red w/no coat, P: Wiry RapidHeat Victorious Stirring Wind (Blood Level)Low grade fever, Tremor of Limbs, twitching, weight loss, Malar flush, listlessness T: Dark Red w/ no coat-dry, P: Fine RapidEmpty Wind agitating in Interior (Blood Level)Low grade fever, Night sweat, mental restlessness, Dry mouth w/ desired to sip Liquids, 5 palm heat, malar flush, Emaciation. T: Dark red/ dry with no Coat P: Fine RapidCollapse of Yin (Blood Level)Bright white complexion, Profuse sweating on forehead, listlessness, Feeling of cold, cold limbs. T: Pale, Swollen, short tongue, P: Hidden/Slow/ScatteredCollapse of Yang (Blood Level)