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The daily production of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is ± 500 ml. In the midsagittal view, identify 2 narrow passages where CSF flow may become obstructed. Which ventricles do these passage ways connect?
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What component of the ventricular system do you encounter;telencephalon; lateral ventricles diencephalon; ventricle III mesencephalon; cerebral aquaduct metencephalon; ventricle IV myelencephalon; ventricle IVWhat kind of neurological deficits would you expect to see if the 7th cranial nerve is damaged?7th nerve = facial nerve -> paralysis of the facial musclesYou get cavity filled which cranial nerve will the dentist try to target?The 5th cranial nerve; trigeminal nerve. Branch 2 and 3. 1. Opthalmic -> scalp, forehead, nose 2. Maxillary -> cheeks, eyelids, nasal mucosa, upper lip, teeth, palate 3. Mandibular -> tongue, skin, mandibles, masticationWhat are gyri and sulci?gyri (ridges) and sulci (grooves)Ascending pathways;Spinothalamic (anterolateral); cross over directly Dorsal column; cross over in caudal medulla Nerve VWhat is capsula interna?A large structure consisting of only white matter in which axons run from the cortex to brainstem, spinal cord, and thalamus and from the thalamus and brain stem to cortex.Is the thalamus located lateral or medial to the capsula interna?Thalamus lies medial to the internal capsule.Where do you find the primary visual cortex?Posterior tip of occipital lobe & in calcarine sulcusThe colliculus superior is involved in what aspect of vision?Localizing an object in visual space and generating object related reflextory eye movements and movements of head and upper body.Primary auditory cortex liesTemporal lobe in superior temporal gyrusWhich cortical areas receive vestibular information and in which functions do there areas partake?Parietal cortical regions, within and posterior to the primary somatosensory cortex. Areas process proprioceptive, visual and vestibular stimuli.Which two features make the olfactory system unique in comparison to the other sensory systems? Which brain regions are targeted by the olfactory fiber tract that runs to the temporal lobe?The olfactory output from the sensory organ does not reach the thalamus before it arrives in the cortex. Topographical organization is apparently absent/ has not yet been found. Pyriform cortex, amygdala, entorhinal cortex. Odor discrimination, emotional and motivational process, reproduction and feeding, imprinting and memory.Where is the corticospinal tract between the cortex and the mesencephalon?In the capsula internaWhich components of the basal ganglia are localized lateral to the internal capsule?Putamen, Globus pallidusThe thalamus is engaged in central motor control via which connections?Thalamus receives information from basal ganglia via Globus pallidus and projects to frontal cortex.Enable willfully swallow? Enable to stick out your tongue?- motor cortex, connections between cortex to cranial nerve nuclei IX, X and XII - motor cortex, nerve XIIIs the prefrontal cortex an association cortex region?YesBroca's area is situated in?The gyrus frontalis inferior.What is the function of the fornix?Hippocampus project via the fornix to the hypothalamus. Hence, the fornix is purely a fiber bundle that carries memory-related information to the hypothalamus. Involved in memory processing.