Stomach Channel Pathway

Where does the Stomach primary channel begin?
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The first branch of the Stomach primary channel meets what DU point?Du 14The Stomach primary channel descends through the ________ linking with ____ and ____ to enter the _____ and _____.diaphragm, Ren13, Ren12, spleen, stomachA branch from the Stomach primary channel descends from _____ along the mamillary line, __cun lateral to the midline as far as ___, then passes __ cun lateral to the midline and descends alongside the umbilicus to ___ in the inguinal regionST12, 4, ST18, 2, ST30There is an internal branch of the Stomach channel. Where does it originate and where does it end?Pyloric orifice of the Stomach, ST30From ST30 where does the primary channel go?laterally to ST31 on the antero-lateral aspect of the thighWhere does the Stomach primary channel end?Lateral side of the tip of the second toe @ ST45A branch of the Stomach Primary channel separates at what point and goes where?St36 and terminates at the lateral aspect of the middle toeA second branch of the Stomach primary channel separates from where and goes where?ST42 and goes to SP1What is the physiology of the Stomach Channel (G)?Controls receiving, controls the rotting and ripening of food, controls the transportation of food essences, controls the descending of qi, Is the origin of fluidsWhat is the physiology of the Stomach Channel (Ni)?Distribute Qi to the face and normalizes the function of the sense organs, regulate the function of the digestive system, regulate and nourish the qi and blood, Nourish and strengthen the four extremetiesWhat is yangming channel syndrome?Four bigs (sweat, thirst, fever, surging pulse), shivering, red face, coma delirium, yellow urinationOn the Stomach channel what disorders are associated with the head face and sense organs?Painful eyes, dry nose or epistaxsis, lip and mouth ulcers, painful throat, swollen neck, deviation of the mouth, toothache, frontal headacheWhat are the channel disorders of the stomach channel?Heat syndrome (yangming channel syndrome), head face and sense organs, channel obstruction, breast disordersWhat are the signs of channel obstruction on the Stomach channel?Pain, muscle spasam, redness, swelling or coldness on the front of the thigh, leg, and on the footWhat signs do you have with breast disorders on the Stomach channel?Redness, pain and swelling of the breast, fibrocystic breast disorderWhat are the signs and symptoms of yangming fu syndrome?Fever, constipation with hard stools, focal distention and fullness of the abdomen, yellow urinationOn the Stomach channel what are the signs and symptoms of stomach disorders?Frequent hunger, feeling of emptiness in the stomach, indigestion, distention and pain of the epigastrium, nausea and vomitingOn the Stomach Channel what are the signs and symptoms of intestinal disorders?Abdominal distention, fullness and pain, diarrhea, constipation, borborygmus, abdominal edema, blockage of the portal veinOn the stomach channel what are the signs and symptoms of Dian/Kuang Syndrome?Manic-depression, bipolar, abnormal mental function, violent behavior, abnormal yawning and moaningWhere does the Stomach Luo begin?ST 40Travels the ____ aspect of the leg to meet with the _____ channel.medial, spleenThis channel ascends the leg and trunk to the nape of the neck and head where it converges with what?Stomach Luo, Qi of the Yang channelsWhere does the Stomach Luo terminate?ThroatWhat are the Xu signs of the Stomach Luo channel?Flaccid or atrophied muscles in the legs or feet (esp. shin), Pharyngitis, sudden aphasia(loss of voice)What are the Shi signs of the Stomach Luo channel?Epilepsy, insanity, Manic-depression disorders, Schizophrenia, epilepsyWhat are the rebellious qi signs for the Stomach Luo channel?Obstruction of the throat, swelling and painful throat, and sudden hoarseness (aphasia)How is the Stomach Great Luo described?Below the left breast, the qi of this channel is said to throb ceaselessly, a phenomenon which can be felt with the handWhat channel originates in the stomach cavity and crosses the diaphragm to enter the Lung?Stomach Great LuoWhat are the Shi signs of the stomach great luo?rapid breathing, irregular breathing, dyspneaWhat are the Xu signs of the Stomach Great Luo?Compression and suffocating sensation in the chest as in asthmatic breathing, cough, angina pectoris and heart attackWhat point is often associated with the Stomach Great Luo?ST 18Where does the Stomach sinew channel start?Middle three toesWhere does the stomach channel sinew bind?Dorsum of the foot, medial and lateral aspect of the knee, hip, medial inguinal region, above the genitals, ST 12, front of the ear, side of the noseWhat does the Stomach sinew channel pass through?The lower ribs to the spineWhat does the Stomach sinew connect to?Gall Bladder sinew (@ knee), Bladder sinew (@ the eye)What can we treat with the Stomach sinew? (specific to the sinew)sudden deviation of the mouth, inability to close the eyeWhere does the Stomach divergent branch from the primary channel?Middle of the thighThe stomach divergent channel enters the _____, ______, and _____.abdomen, stomach, heartWhere does the Stomach divergent channel disperse?spleenWhere does the stomach divergent channel emerge?mouthThe stomach divergent channel connects with _____ and ______ _______ ______.eye, stomach primary channel