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Quizlet Live

The fun, fast-paced classroom learning game that students love

Make lesson review collaborative, competitive and engaging, customized with your lesson content.

Take classroom engagement to 100%

Help students reinforce vocabulary and concepts they learned in class while engaging in a fun, competitive quiz game.

Free and easy to set upInstantly turn your Quizlet study set into a Quizlet Live game.
Increase classroom engagement Engage students in lesson content through competition and collaboration.
Reinforce knowledge Help students reinforce vocabulary and concepts they’ve learned through active recall.

Play as teams or individuals

Play in teams mode to encourage communication and collaboration, or in individuals mode which is great for smaller groups.

The easiest way to create and play classroom review games

Pick a Quizlet study set and let Quizlet Live generate a game for you in seconds. Invite students by sharing the join code. Watch them compete and learn together!

Using Quizlet Live for remote classrooms?

See how other teachers are using Quizlet Live to keep students engaged during distant learning.

Students love the competition and work together to help their team win. Use it as a teaching tool, to review and to create a connection especially during remote learning. It works well on Zoom too!