Psych med- child development

Key Concepts:

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· Clinical/ developmental interview
· Assessment for comorbid medical conditions
· Assessment for comorbid mental health issues
· Standardised cognitive testing
· Behavioural observations
· Rating scales (ADOS, ABAS-II, ADI...)
· Invovles various people- individual clinical, psychologist, parents/ carers, teachers, paediatrition, other health professionals
· Early detection and intervention has shown improved outcome for individuals with ASD
Clincial/develpmental interview
- Born at 35 weeks
- 1 month: difficulties with feeding due to tone
- 4 months: OT, easily overstimulated, diffuclt to soothe, smiling, cooing, responsive
- 13 months: biting self, hitting legs, hand clenching, poor fine motor skills, poor eye contact
- 3 years: no words, poor non-verbal communication
- 4 years: hand clenching, flapping, hypersensitive to noise
Other medical
- Constipation
- Macroencephaly
- Sleep problems
- Epilepsy
- Poor muscle tone face
- Preference smooth foods
Standardised cognitive testing
- IQ test- WISC, letter non-verbal test
- Language test-peabody picture vocabulary trst
- Executive function test- NEPSY
- Uneven cognitive profile- low verbal abilites low processing speed, low averageworking memory and perceptual abilties
- Extremely low receptive language abilties
- Poor affect recognition, no TOM, lower sensorimotor skills
- No eye contact
- No reciprocal play
Rating scales
- Adaptive behaviour
- Adaptie behaviour assessment system
- Vineland scales
- ABAS_poor social skills, communication skills, self-direction
Challenging behaviour
- Child behaviour checklist
- Behavioural assessment system for children
- BASC=lower adaptability, social skills, adaptive skills, elevated aggression