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Black Tuesday (October 29, 1929)
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-Article 231 (war guilt clause)
-Alsace-Lorraine were given back to France
-Anschluss with Austria forbidden
-Danzig to become a free city
-Germany must give Britain and France all their colonies
-Germany can only have 100,000 foot soldiers, 6 battleships, and no airforce
-Rhineland demilitarised
-France gets the Saar for 15 years
-6.6 billion pounds in reparations
26% of coal deposits and 75% of iron ore deposits.What did Germany lose as a % of industries as a result of the treaty?In 1922 a loaf of bread cost 163 marks. By September 1923 the same bread cost 1500000 marks.What shows the level of hyperinflation?There were 25 separate governments in 14 years, and some only lasted a few weeks.What shows the weakness of proportional representation?BauhausWhat was the name of the architectural movement in Germany in the 1920's?Metropolis (a very technologically advanced movie at the time).What was the name of an influential German film in the 1920's?Otto DixWhat was the name of an influential artist in the 1920's?October 3, 1935, to May 9, 1936When was the Abyssinian Crisis?-Territory loss -War guilt clause (article 231) -Reparations (apart from St Germain- Austria, Lausanne- Turkey) Tianon- Hungary was meant to pay reparations but were too close to bankruptcy. -Military restrictions (apart from Lausanne)What are the general themes of all the peace treaties?1. Prevent war 2. Improve peoples lives 3. Disarmament 4. Enforce treatiesWhat were the 4 aims of the League?1. Moral disapproval (League condemns actions) 2. Economic sanctions 3. Military forceWhat were the stages of collective security?Members of the League must promote disarmament (to the point where countries can defend but not attack)What were articles 8+9 of the League covenant?