Probability Concepts - Review

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5 people are lining up at the supermarket checkout. How many different ways could they line up?5! = 120 different ways12 people are in a class. The teacher wants to select 4 to go to a competition. How many different groups of 4 could she choose?12 x 11 x 10 x 9 = 11880What does P(A u B) mean?Probability of A or B or both occurring UnionWhat does P(A n B) mean?Probability of A and B occurring IntersectionWhat is a another term for Relative Risk?Likelihood ratioProbability trees are useful for questions that involve...Calculating probabilities of sequences of eventsThe complement of A is..Not A (A')Venn DiagramsUse overlapping circles that are used to display the relationships between eventsWhen rolling two dice...what is the theoretical probability of rolling two dice and scoring a total of 5?4/36 = 1/9I choose a card from a deck (52 cards no jokers) and then return it and choose another. What is the probability that I get a picture card then an Ace?12/52 x 4/52 = 0.0178