12AG Animal Growth and Development

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Carcass compositionThe proportions of skeletal muscle, fat tissue, and bone in the body of livestockNZ RomneySpecialised NZ breed of sheep, most popular in NZ and also used to produce further new sheep breedsGrazingA process where livestock are allowed to roam around and consume wild vegetation in order to gain nutrientsHolstein-FriesianLarge black and white breed of cattle, originally from Europe, popular in NZ for dairying.AngusScottish breed of small beef cattle, easy calving and fast maturing.DevelopmentThe process of growth and advancement that includes the maturing of organs and body featuresCross-breedingTo produce an animal by mating two different breeds or varietiesCarcass gradingAn evaluation system used to rate the quality of meat from a slaughtered animal.DrenchingTo forcibly administer a drug in liquid form orally to an animalCorriedaleMedium to large sized sheep, widely used NZ. Dual purpose, bred for wool and meat.HerefordBritish breed of beef cattle, easy calving and produce beef with superior marblingDraftingUsing a tightly controlled yard to separate animals for shearing, drenching, mating or sale.Plane of NutritionThe amount of nutrients consumed by an animal, compared to the amount required for optimal growthDockingremoving the tail of an animalMetabolisable Energy (ME)A measure of the nutritional value of food, the amount of energy in feed that can be used for growth and development.castrateto remove the testicleswethercastrated male sheepewemature female sheepcryptorchidA male animal where one or both testicles are not descended into the scrotumsirea male parentdamfemale parent

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