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Which country has the bigger land area - New Zealand or the UK (including Whales, Northern Ireland and Scotland)?
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Which ethnic group was primarily responsible for founding the following town - ChristchurchEnglishWhich ethnic group was primarily responsible for founding the following town - AkaroaFrenchWhich ethnic group was primarily responsible for founding the following town - Danniverk (Hawke's Bay)ScandinavianName the prehistorical geological continent out of which New Zealand evolved?Gondwana landWhy are we reasonably sure that the biggest Taupo eruption was about 1.8 thousand years ago?Because it was mentioned in Chinese and Roman recordsWhy did Michell King label prehistoric New Zealand as a 'larder of protein'?Due to the abundance of seafoodWhich Pakeha academic was largely responsible for the great fleet traditionPercy Smith or Sir Peter BuckWhat temporary advantages did early European explorer contact bring to Māori?Tools (such as spades), Medicines, Missionaries (persuading them to liberate their slavesWhy did the Wellington chiefs grant the New Zealand company land in Port Nichelson?Te Whiti and Te Puni knew Te Rauparaha was close by in Porirua so thought he was less likely to attack with Europeans and gunsWhich economic system allowed the growth of wellington after the failure of the Wakefield scheme?PastoralismWhich economic and technological developments allowed the integration of the manuel tou into the wellington economy?Railways and refrigeration (allowed meat and dairy products to be exported)Give me three advantages that Māori had over their Australian aboriginal counterparts?More guns, a treaty, more war-like or used to fighting.Name the highest mountain in the North IslandRuapehuName the second highest mountain in NZ?Mount TasmanName four significant south island rivers flowing into the pacific ocean?Rakaia river, Waimakariri river, Rangitara river, wairau river, clarence river, waitaki river, cluther riverName New Zealand's deepest lake?Lake HaurokoName New Zealand's deepest cave system?Nettlebed Cave in north-west NelsonName the NZ town that is furthest from the sea?CromwellSince 1843, which NZ earthquake caused the most fatalities?Hawke's Bay in 1931 - it claimed 256 lives and altered the landscape foreverDuring European settlement, which NZ earthquake recorded the largest measurement in the rictor scale and what year was it?1855 magnitude 8.2 in the WairarapaWhich volcanic hazard caused the most deaths since European history?Tangiwai disasterMean average rainfall of Wellington and Christchurch in mm?Wellington 1200mm, Christchurch 600mmTwo advantages of New Zealand being located far away from other countries?easier biosecurity, easy boarder security, less likely to be attacked in war, less refugeesTwo disadvantageous of New Zealand being located far away from other countries?High cost of importation and exportation, high travel cost, reliance on air travelName New Zealand's two largest export industries / sectors - which two earn the most foreign exchange?Dairy and TourismName New Zealand's two largest export markets - which two countries first and second are buying our stuff?Australia and ChinaWhat advantages did NZ and Australia possess in the early 2000's economic downturn, and apply to current conditions?Production of food and minerals (which people still need which is good)Why is it a myth that New Zealand would ever catch up with Australia?Australia has significant mineral resources (valued mineral wealth) that we don't haveIn which country has migration been the more important driver of total population growth? NZ or Australia?AustraliaWhich is worse in New Zealand, government debt or private debt and why? (hint: most of it coming from nz buying houses with loans from au banks)Private debt (total debt as private debt is a significant component)What happened in 1973 that has an important effect on the NZ economy? And why might this happening be considered a blessing in disguise?Britain joined the EEC (European Economic Community) and diversified our exportsWhy is the phrase 'poor little rich country' accurate when applied in New Zealand?Wages and GDP per capita not as high so attractive for kiwis to leave nz, but relatively underpopulated, rich in nature and not as pollutedWhich large volcanic eruption destroyed a famous tourist attraction in NZ in 1886?The eruption of Mount Tarawera, destroyed the pink and white terracesWhich is the only land mamamal endemic/indigenous to New Zealand?The batWhat is the name of the New Zealand's smallest and most endangered dolphin and where do you find it?Māuis dolphins, found on the west coast of the north islandName the Māori prophet who's visions founded a religion/religous movement on the west coast of the north island? (hint: strongly affiliated with the labour party)Rātana (Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana)Who was the first British governor of NZ who was involved in the signing of the treaty?William HobsonWhich part of New Zealand would I be in if I was holidaying in the Catlins?Southeast corner of the south islandWhere is New Zealand's only known nesting place of the White Hearing or Kotoku?Okarito / South WestlandName the three road passes that go over the southern alps?Lewis Pass, Athurs Pass, Haast pastWhich south island river emerges at the town of westport?Buller riverWhat is the northernmost territory belonging to New Zealand and what is the strategic significance of such territory?Kermadecs, Exclusive Economic Zone drawn around the island (200 nautical miles), expands ours and ours is a non-contigous zoneGive me two international examples of political changes in the world dramatically affecting geography/geopolitics (in the last 50 years)?Ukraine war, decline of the soviet empire, creation of palestinian state in the west bankWho was the theoretical father of industrial capitalism?Adam SmithWho was the theoretical father of welfare capitalism?John Maynard KeynesGive me two characteristics of industrial or lassiezfaire capitalism?Free trade, private ownership, small government, no taxesGive me two characteristics of welfare capitalism?large government intervention, higher taxes, redistribution function in government, government negotiated pay settlementsWhat was the immediate cause of welfare capitalism in New Zealand?The great depressionWho was the political father of finance capitalism in New Zealand?Rodger DouglasGive me two characteristics of finance capitalism?preeminence of money, stock markets and shares, finance sector plays greater role than manufactuing sector (with housing market included in this)Give me two differences between the political systems of Australia and New Zealand?Australia has a federal system with two houses of parliament and STV (single transferrable vote), we have one house of parliment and mmp systemGive me two examples of current neoliberal policies being advocated by current political partiesNational lowering taxes,Where are East Cape, Cape Egmont, and Cape Foulwind?East Cape - easternmost point of the main islands of New Zealand, Cape Egmont - Taranaki, Cape Foulwind near WestportName New Zealand's oldest and newest national parks?Tongariro is the oldest, newest is Stuart island (Rakiura)Name four national parks in the North Island?Tongoriro, Whanganui, Egmont, Te UruweraWhen Captain Cook drew his map of New Zealand in the 18th century, which were the only two bits he got wrong?Drew banks Peninsula as an island and Stewart Island as a PeninsulaName three natural harbours on the west coast of the north island?Hokianga, Kaipara, Aotea, PoriruaName the southern most point of the north island and the northern most point of the south island?Cape Palliser in the North Island and Cape Farewell (Farewell spitt) in the South IslandName the only three regular passenger rail journeys left in New Zealand?Picton - Christchurch (Coastal Pacific), Christchurch - Greymouth (TranzAlpine), Auckland - Wellington (Northern Explorer)Name New Zealand's most eastern territory?RekohuWhat industry do you associate Marsden Point?Oil RefineryWhat industry do you associate Glenbrook?steel mill, (steel is made of coal and iron)Give two of the essential characteristics for an ethnic group?A common proper name, elements of a common culture which may be religion, customs or language, unique community interests feeling and actions, a shared sense of common origins and ancestry, a common geographic originWhich ethnic group is growing the fastest in New Zealand?AsianWhy can some Pacific Islanders be described as conscience colonies to New Zealand?Because New Zealand was meant to be a protector of them and we didn't treat them well and therefore our conscience tells us?Give two reasons why some families have done very well economically under neoliberalism?Internationalisation of salaries, the increased value of housing (benefited baby boomers), lower taxes, the impact of the value of housingGive two reasons why some families have suffered under neoliberalismLowered tarrifs, abolished import license, lower paying jobs vanised, didn't have houses so didn't benefit by housing inflationLoweered tarriffs, abolished import lisecneign and lwoer paying jobs vanised so people had to retrain and unemployment went upIf family income is less than 60% of the median household income you could be said to be in povertyWhat is the best estimate of the size of the Māori population prior to European settlement?150,000 approxWhat is unique and in some sense problematic about the Te Urewera settlement? In Te Urewera, Treaty claims emerged more from land loss than disrespect for biocultural values, but the granting of person rights was intended to avoid the return of ancestral land to the local tribe, Ngai Tuhoe. Personhood will realize only some of Tuhoe's interests because retention of preservationist conservation means that few will ever live or work on their homelands.First was politically problematic - the right wing didn't like co-governance even tho it was implemented by right wing ppl - see articleWhat is a major reason why there is a class division among Māori people?Urbanisation (rural to urban migration), treaty settlement - unless know whakapapa and can trace don't benefit from settlement, Urban Maori AuthorityGive two signs of hope for the future of Māori people?Māori language revitalisation movement, Māori health authority, higher income, better education