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  1. Most lenses are sharpest closed down to how many stops from the widest?
  2. If your print will be viewed mostly under window light, what is the suggested Kelvin temperature of the lights you should use to evaluate your print?
  3. Instead of permanently altering your image when adjusting for color and value, what should you do?
  4. To produce optimal sharpness, detail, and resolution, is a higher or lower ISO setting better?
  5. True or false - a tonal correction can be accomplished by using a hue/saturation adjustment layer
  1. a 1 or 2, depending on the lens, could be 2 to 3.
  2. b 5000K
  3. c Lower
  4. d False.
  5. e Use and adjustment layer

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  1. Click with the neutral-point dropper on the selected color
  2. Change the shutter speed. The longer the shutter speed, the lighter the background will be. The faster the shutter speed, the darker the background will be because less existing light is captured.
  3. 8 bits
  4. Follow focus
  5. emphasizes textures

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  1. If an image is too cyan, what color adjustment should be made in Photoshop to correct it?Add red


  2. A lens set at f/4 admits how much more/less light than one set at f/2.8?Half as much light


  3. Maximum depth of field at a given aperture is achieved by focusing at what?stopped down


  4. According to the rule of thirds, where should the important parts of an image fall?Along the lines of an imaginary grid at intersecting points that divide the image into thirds horizontally and vertically


  5. Tungsten light is approximately what color temperature?Magenta